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5th ICAMBBE Will be Held at Brawijaya University

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Submit by ireneparamita on May 24, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1205

Call for paper 5th ICAMBBE
Call for paper 5th ICAMBBE
The 5th International Conference on Advanced Molecular Bioscience & Biomedical Engineering (ICAMBBE 2018) will be held at Widyaloka building Brawijaya University on 3-4 September 2018. The conference is an annual international conference to share scientific knowledge and the latest research in science and engineering of biomedical engineering, biochemistry, molecular biology as well as Bioscience and genetics.

The forum which will be attended by experts at academics, industries, and the government will lift a theme "Development of Health and Pharmaceutical Research Competitiveness Toward Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). Through the forum, will be discussed advancement and result of research in areas such as theoretical, experimental, and apply molecular bioscience and biomedical engineering through interesting posters and oral presentation. The conference will unite and connect advanced researchers, engineers, and scientists in various areas worldwide.

Speakers who will attend such as General Director of Research and Development Reinforcement Dr. Muhammad Dimyati, M.Sc, Head of Agency of Research and Development on Health dr. Siswanto, MPH, DTM, Development Director PT. Kimia Farma Drs. Pujianto, Apt., MM, Director of Assessment on Health Devices and PKRT (Household Health Supplies) Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia drg. Arianti Anaya MKM.

Meanwhile, international speakers who will attend are such as Tomohiko Sasae, PhD (Lead Guest Editor in International Journal of Endocrinology, Special Issue on Animal Models of Diabetes and Related Metabolic Diseases from Central Pharmaceutical Research Institute, JT.Inc Japan). Prof. Ken-Ichirou Morohashi, PhD (Molecular Biology School of Medical Science, Kyushu University, Japan), Takeshi Ohta, PhD (Central Pharmaceutical Research Institute. JT Inc, Japan) and Assco. Prof. Dr. Mariena Ketudat-Cairns, PhD (School of Biotechnology Institute of Agricultural Technology, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand).

Registration forms and further information regarding this event can be seen at, or secretariat: Biosains Institute Building Brawijaya University 1st floor, email: Contact Person: Mega 082232133732/Fara 082234947397. [Irene/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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