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Inauguration of Relawan Brawijaya School

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Inauguration of Relawan Brawijaya School
Inauguration of Relawan Brawijaya School
A series of Relawan Brawijaya School was officiated ended on Sunday (06/May/2018) which was marked with inauguration of all of its participants. The inauguration was organized in Coban Talun, Batu City. Since Saturday (05/May/2018), participants was taught on how to deal with disaster. For example water rescue, ropes and medical.

The current inauguration was remained 51 participants who are admitted at Relawan Brawijaya School. In the simulation, participants were divided into several groups of which each group will be presented materials alternately.

The current inauguration was accompanied by MRI (Indonesian Volunteer Community) and BPBD (Regional Disaster Management Agency) Batu City.

With the end of training then the name of Relawan Brawijaya automatically replaced by Relawan Universitas Brawijaya. Which is later there will be a direct training, even later they will be straightly dropped towards the disaster area to raise the name of Brawijaya University.

Relawan Brawijaya School was organized by Ministry of Social Community of Brawijaya University's Student Executive.

Relawan Brawijaya School contains four classes of training. Presenter for the inauguration came from BPBD, ACT (Quick Response Action) Malang, Relawan Malang, FIM (Indonesian Youth Forum) Malang, Indonesia Future Leader (IFL) Malang, PMI Malang, dll. Relawan Brawijaya School functioned as an arena for Brawijaya students to be a volunteer and they expected to be able to straightly dropped if there are any disasters or providing extension aon disaster at Senior High School in Malang or other disaster prone areas.

Relawan Brawijaya School organized the first class on Sunday (08/Apr/2018). It is a partnership program between some UKM (Student Activities Unit) like Lakesma, Menwa, KSR, Pramuka UB with Ministry of Social Community 2018 Brawijaya Community Student Executive. The inauguration was conducted for two days (5-6/May/2018) in Coban Talun, Batu City. [Riski/Humas UB/trans. Denok]






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