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Tarhib Ramadhan 2018: Reach the Grace of Allah SWT in Ramadhan Month

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As an opening series of Semarak Ramadhan 2018, Faculty of Computer Science Brawijaya University held an event so-called Tarhib Ramadhan on Friday (11/May/2018).

Ust. Hamzah Asrori, LC was invited on the occasion to give tausiyah entitled Reach the Grace of Allah SWT in Ramadhan month.

A study given by Ust. Hamzah was initiated with explanation on grace. As delivered by Rasulullah which is narrated by Imam Muslim, Allah has 100 Graces and only one grace which is revealed on earth for every creature including human beings, jinn and animal.

"Even if we see wild animals loving their children, it is some form of God's grace. If only one grace is revealed on earth is already very enough, what if later 99 graces that will be given to people who believe to the paradise of Allah SWT," Ust Hamzah said.

Ust. Hamzah added that need to be understood if Allah grace is very large. Even in his words mentioned in a Hadits Qudsi, Allah says "Indeed my grace has preceded my wrath". So whatever the condition of his servant, as long as willing to repent and never consider as an ally for Allah then Allah will receive his repentant. This applies at a common time, moreover for his grace in Ramadhan.

Explained by Ust. Hamzah that preparation to welcome Ramadhan needs to be done at least two months before.

In Indonesia, since Rajab month there are some red-letter day, including Isra' Mi'raj. One of its wisdoms is preparing people to accomplish their shalah matters. Then in Sya'ban there is a special Sunnah recorded by one of rasulullah's wife.

Aishah who mentioned that "I never saw Rasulullah fasting for a full month, unless in Ramadhan. And I never saw Rasulullah had more fasting on other months but Sya'ban".

"So those are Rasulullah's preparations towards Ramadhan. Although there are other hadits which mentioned if Sya'ban already up to halfway, do not fasting. But for those who already used to fasting, still can fast until D day-2 or D day-1 Ramadhan. If D day-2 or D day-1 is not allowed for fasting because worried already in Ramadhan. Because fasting must be prepared. If you never practice, hungry and lethargic on the first day of Ramadhan will feel heavy, moreover, moreover work activities are still running as usual. Then conditioning is necessary," said. Ust Hamzah.

In addition Ust Hamzah also explained that minimally there are four preparations towards Ramadhan. The first is ruhiyah preparation, namely by increasing faith. The formula of faith delivered by Ust. Hamzah namely more and more doing disobedience, will decline faith, more and more doing obedience will increase faith. The second is knowledge preparation. Knowledge is important to be understood before doing everything. Without basic knowledge, then the truth to be conducted cannot be accounted for.

"So if you do not know yet, then you can read fiqh Ramadhan, for example anything that breaks the fast. Because in worship, there is something that doubt is not allowed," Ust. Hamzah said.

The third is physical preparation. For instance for anyone who aged above 50 years oled or anyone who has certain diseases, can do consultation to the doctor. The forth is preparation of property, especially for zakat, infaq and meet the daily needs during Ramadhan.

"The needs in Ramadhan are usually getting bloated. If it is not prepared before then during Ramadhan will be just busyby seeking property to meet the needs," Ust. Hamzah said. [Filkom/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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