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SKK Migas Share Knowledge to Psychology Students

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Psychology Department Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University in collaboration with SKK Migas (Special Unit in Executing Upstream Business Activities on Oil and Gas) held a guest lecture on Career Development "Issues in Career Development and Talent Management" on Friday (11/May/2018) in Auditorium Nuswantara Faculty of Social and Political Science. The guest lecture was filled with Woro Ireng Retnoati as Organization and Management System Manager of SKK Migas.

In a guest lecture attended by students of Psychology Department year 2015 with a course on Human Resources Psychology and Career Development, Woro explained on how to overcome generation differences, namely by improving communication between boss and staff.

"System and Human affairs should be balanced, Should not be-biased. Like in our company, we standardize our work process, thus each people has fixed reference," said Woro.

According to Woro, each individual is unique and excellence in their own area, thus his company tries to develop individual's interest of each employee in their job in accordance with the company's needs.

In addition, the company also always tries to provide the best facilities for its workers. They are facilitated with gymnasium at various levels. In addition, on the sidelines of a tight meeting always inserted stretching to stay fresh, and not forgetting healthy snack facilities in form of fruits and low-sugar snacks. [Charisma/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/trans. Denok]





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