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38 Thousand Participants Attend SBMPTN 2018 in Malang City

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UB Rector Prof. Bisri visits SBMPTN examination in UTBC
UB Rector Prof. Bisri visits SBMPTN examination in UTBC
Around 38,890 participants attended SBMPTN (Joint Selection for State University Entrance) test that consisted of 16,310 UTBC (Paper Based Written Test) in Social and Humanity group and 3,588 attended UTBC for mixing test group.

In addition to UTBC, Panlok (the Local Committee) 55 also provided facilities to support SBMPTN that used UTBK (Computer Based Written Test) methods. Recorded around 1,750 participants choose this selection track. Therefore, Brawijaya University has provided around 745 computer units, State University of Malang provided 825 computer units and State Islamic University of Maliki provided 180 computer units.

In SBMPTN 2018, Panlok 55 also admitted disabled participants around 13 ones from various test groups namely group of Science and Technology (Kelompok Saintek) with deaf and disabled 1 person of each, Social and Humanities Group (Kelompok Soshum) with 2 blind persons, 4 persons with deaf, 1 person in mute, 1 person in deaf and mute. Meanwhile for mixed exam there were 2 persons in blind and 1 person deaf.

Specifically for blind persons, the committee will provide a specific and separated room as well as providing companion to read the questions.

Ditjen Pembelajaran dan Kemahasiswaan Kemenristekdikti Rina Dwiastuti mentioned there is an improvement on UTBK participants annually. The government indeed increased number portion of UTBK participants thus in the future all SBMPTN examination will use computer or via Android based Smartphone.

"For a while SBMPTN examination that uses smartphone is still conducted in Bandung and still in test phase. However, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education ensured the test would be successful then in the future it can be in wider operational," said Rina.

It is highly supported by Brawijaya University Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS. He mentioned that examination in Android system is very efficient from time and cost aspect.

"Currently we shall wait for results of SBMPTN examination around 1 month, by using UTBK system via smartphone perhaps it is enough to wait in several hours in order to know whether participants are enrolled or not," Bisri said.

Vice Rector Academic Affairs Brawijaya University Prof. Dr. Ir. Kusmartono MS added that for 2018 Brawijaya University admits around 986 students via Bidikmisi Program that divided into 632 students for SNMPTN (National Selection for State University Entrance) and 354 students via SBMPTN.

Meanwhile, increasing numbers of SNMPTN 2018 participants is 8.6% compared to 2017. It marked the increasingly high of Senior High School student's interest to pursue their study into undergraduate program that was held simultaneously in Indonesia on Tuesday (08/May/2018). Panlok 55 Malang which is consisted of Brawijaya University, State Islamic University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim and State University of Malang have provided facilities either for UTBC or UTBK. [Dimas/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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