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Workshop for Winners of 2018 PHK on Book Resilience

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Workshop for winners of 2018 PHK on bok resilience
Workshop for winners of 2018 PHK on bok resilience
Around 85 participants of winners of 2018 PHK (Competition Grant Program) on book resilience on Wednesday (09/May/2018) joined in a workshop so-called "Writing of Popular Scientific Book and Contract Signing of 2018 PHK on Book Resilience".

The event that was conducted at Ijen Suites Resort & Convention Malang was directly opened by BUA (Academic Venture Body) Director Prof. Drs. Gugus Irianto, MSA., PhD.Ak as well as invited speakers such as Bambang Trimansyah and some explanations from Prof. Dr. Ir. Trinil Susilawati, MS as UB Press Director.

In his report, Head of Committee Dr. Sony Sukmawan, M.Pd explained that PHK on Book Resilience besides to improve lecturer's capacity in scientific publication also an arena to create and providing text books. The books can be enjoyed by Brawijaya University students in particular, as well as wider community in general, thus can assist in accelerating improvement of Brawijaya University reputation in national and international level.

"In addition, hopefully Brawijaya University is able to produce sellable books so as providing profits to the institution," Sony added.

The series of 2018 PHK on book resilience itself take place starts from February and will be ended in November. It consists of socialization to all Brawijaya University entities and afterwards proposal subsmission of book draft 80& minimally, pursued with administrative selection, internal and external selection, winners announcement, then workshop on writing and contract signing of winners, book 100% accomplishment, review, revision on review result, and then design and layout and the last time for book printing.

Explained by Sony, proposals received by the committee are almost spread out evenly to faculties at Brawijaya University. Its distribution covers Faculty of Economics and Business contributes 13 proposals, Faculty of Law 5 proposals, Faculty of Administrative Science 18 proposals, Faculty of Culture Studies 12 proposals, Faculty of Computer Science 6 proposals, Faculty of Social and Political Science 17 proposals, Faculty of Medicine 21 proposals, Faculty of Dentistry 4 proposals, Veterinary Faculty 1 proposal, Faculty of Science 22 proposals, Postgraduate Program 1 proposal, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science 18 proposals, Faculty of Agriculture 9 proposals, Faculty of Animal Husbandry 10 proposals, PSLD (Disability Study and Service Centre) 1 proposal, Faculty of Engineering 26 proposals, Faculty of Agricultural Technology 8 proposals, Vocational Programs 2 proposals, thus proposal which entered the committee are 196 in total.

"Through 3 selection layers either administrative, internal, external, or expert selection and refers to numbers of assessment criteria either administrative or substantive. And later they will obtain facilities, such as 25 million rupiahs grant as well as 15% of book royalty after book selling beyond 600 exemplars," said Sony. [ronny/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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