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Faculty of Cultural Studies UB Launched Rumah Baca Anak in Ngabab Pujon Malang

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One of The Corner Rumah Baca Anak
One of The Corner Rumah Baca Anak

In the framework of Gernas Baku (Gerakan Nasional Orangtua Membacakan Buku) which was commemorated every May 5, two groups of Community Service Faculty of Cultural Studies UB namely (1) Muh. Fatoni Rohman, M.Pd., Dr. Eti Setiawati, M.Pd., Putri Kumala Dewi, M.Pd. and (2) Nanang Bustanul Fauzi, S.S., M.Pd., Wahyu Widodo, S.S., M.Hum., Vanda Hardinata, S.Pd., M.Pd., Jamila Wijayanti, S.S. in cooperation with Ngabab Village government held a Literacy Dialog at the Ngabab Village Hall and the launching of Rumah Baca Anak.

The speaker in the Literacy Dialogue was Denny Mizhar (an activist of Pelangi Sastra Malang Community, a writer, and an activist in literacy activity) moderated by Wahyu Widodo, M. Hum. Kindergarten students in Ngabab Village, parents, principals, teachers, PKK Team of Pujon Sub-District, and PKK Team of Ngabab Village attended the dialogue.

The event was opened with a speech from the Head of Ngabab Village, Mr. Amin Afandi. He supported Gernas Baku and had worked with school principals of TK / PAUD Ngabab related to the declaration of student learning schedule at Rumah Baca Anak. In the future, every Monday to Friday, there would always be kindergarten students studying at Rumah Baca.

Dr. Eti Setiawati, M.Pd. said that FIB strongly supports Gernas Baku. Rumah Baca Anak which was launched by FIB UB would become the laboratory of Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program (Diksasindo). Rumah Baca Anak would also be used as a place of Work Program of the Student Association in collaboration with Griya Mengajar, as well as be the location of KKN Thematic activities of Diksasindo students.

On the same occasion, parents from TK / PAUD read stories for their children. They were then awarded by PKK Team of Ngabab Village. The event was also enlivened by the wife of the Village Head as Mother of PAUD who read a story for the preschool/ kindergarten students.

Participants Were Invited To Witness The Launch Of Rumah Baca Anak
Participants Were Invited To Witness The Launch Of Rumah Baca Anak

The Literacy Dialogue with the theme "Budayakan Literasi Literacy: Membaca Membuka Tabir Dunia" was very interesting because the moderator provided an interactive game asking kindergarten students to tell stories. The delivery of Denny Mizhar material was also very interesting because he interacted with kindergarten students and parents. One of the questions asked by Denny Mizhar was, "What is your dream?" The students replied that they wanted to be a police officer, a teacher, a doctor without explaining the reason. It could be concluded, the child did not know it because there were no examples they could see right away.

Denny then showed a book of poetry written by a grade 1 elementary school student and a book written by his mother. One of them was titled "Layer Cake". The young writer was able to write because she learnt from her mother who also wrote. So, for children to read, parents should also read.

In the event, it was also a speech by UPTD Ngabab District Education Office, Sugeng Irianto. Sugeng advised that every child had different potential and should not be compared with other children.

After the event, participants were invited to witness the launch of Rumah Baca Anak by the Village Head, Vice Dean of FIB for Academic Affairs, Chairman of BPPM. This activity was supported also by Mobil Pintar UB Library and Himaprodi Diksasindo. (PSIK FIB)




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