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Getting to Know Komang Budi's Figure, the 2018 Mawapres Finalist from FISIP

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Komang Budi (right), mawapres finalist from Fisip
Komang Budi (right), mawapres finalist from Fisip
"Mahasiswa itu maha atas kemahasiswaannya. Kalian memilih untuk jadi mahasiswa seperti apa/A student is a great of his/her studentship. You choose to become what kind of students" - A. J. Jawwadurrohman.

Those words may be just plain for us, but it is not for Komang Budi Mudita. Armed with that sentence, the international relations student was successfully to represent FISIP (Faculty of Social and Political Science) in an event so-called Mawapres (Mahasiswa Berprestasi/Achieved Students) of Brawijaya University (UB).

Mawapres is a prestigious event for college students in Indonesia, including Komang Budi. Although according to him when he was at Senior High School (SMA), he was a naughty child and had no imagination regarding such competition, but college world was successful to change him into better one.

"Early heard about Mawapres was at PK2Maba (The introduction of campus life for fresher). Came home from that, directly I looked for information," he said.

In order to join in Mawapres, students are mandatory to join in 10 competitions and have a paper. However, who would have thought the competition had time to make Komang Budi's intention was decreased.

"When I joined in the competition, my goal was turning. The gift I received when win and new friends that continuously to increase when joined in the competition much more interesting at that time. So that my bow and goal was not directed into Mawapres," he said.

However it did not last long. Komang Budi began to be moved to follow Mawapres after the department lecturer called him to join in the selection in the beginning of November 2017.

When he was asked whether the event disturbed his lectures, Komang Budi answered confidently that it did "not". According to him, the event is in accordance with his passion. Thus he can do both lightly. Added with his participation in BARIS (Agency of Social Science Research) at FISIP UB which able to increase his knowledge and expertise in arranging paper.

Komang Budi mentioned that Annisa and Alan, previous years UB's mawapres, highly helped him in the competition. Although he himself was not managed to enter the top five, he had lifted FISIP name as UB's Mawapres finalist. Experience that he had can be a reference to take other opportunities in the future. [Lita/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/trans. Denok]






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