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Keeping Its Tradition, FTP Dominates PKM Ristekdikti 2018 Funding

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Submit by prasetyaftp on April 10, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1537

FTP's Vice Dean III along with a national judge give motivation for PKM teams who are qualified for 2019 funding
FTP's Vice Dean III along with a national judge give motivation for PKM teams who are qualified for 2019 funding
Team of PKM (Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa/Student Creativity Program) Faculty of Agricultural Technology Brawijaya University again maintains its tradition as PKM UB dominator which is qualified for funding from Ministry of research Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia 2018. Taken from Dikti's official sites at, numbers of proposals from Brawijaya University which are qualified for funding 2018 are 175 with details are as follows: Faculty of Agricultural Technology (49), Faculty of Sciences (20), Faculty of Engineering (19), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (17), Faculty of Animal Husbandry (13), Veterinary Faculty (11), Faculty of Medicine (9), Faculty of Cultural Studies (6), Faculty of Administrative Science (4), Faculty of Economics and Business (3), Faculty of Computer Science (2) and Faculty of Dentistry (2).

For fiscal year of 2018, recorded two PKM-K (entrepreneurship) proposals, 15 PKM-KC (copyright works), nine PKM-M (community services), seven PKM-PE (exact research program) as well as 16 PKM-T (technology implementation) are qualified for Ristekdikti 2018 funding.

In a socialization of PKM Goes to PIMNAS 2018 on Monday (09/Apr/2018), FTP's Vice Dean III on Student Affairs, Yusuf Hendrawan, S.TP., M.App.Life.Sc., PhD expressed his grateful and appreciation. "I congratulate PKM team of FTP UB students who are successfully in the highest funded by Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education in 49 teams. Hopefully it is useful and FTP UB can be the general champion at PIMNAS (the National Student Scientific Week) again. After three times carving hattrick as PIMNAS champion, then this year's theme is "FTP UB is PIMNAS 31 truly winner". Keep your spirit, ask for the support of all parties, either students, the Deanery, FTP UB studentship affairs, supervisors, as well as FTP UB alumni to support our juniors to fight again in 31st PIMNAS. It is our pride for their achievements," he ended by providing success tips, tricks, and strategies in acquiring medals. [dse/Humas Ub/trans. Denok]



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