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Curriculum Development Becomes a Subject at FEM IPB's Visit to Faculty of Agriculture

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FEM IPB visit to Faculty of Agriculture
FEM IPB visit to Faculty of Agriculture
Took place at Senate Hall sixth floor of Faculty of Agriculture's central building on Monday (02/Apr/2018), Faculty of Agriculture Brawijaya University received a visit of lecturers from Agribusiness Department Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). The entourage numbering 22 people was led by Head of Agribusiness Department FEM IPB Dr. Ir. Dwi Rachma, M.Si openly received by Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR, MS accompanied by Head of Social Economy Department Mangku Purnomo, Ph.D, Department Secretary Wisynu Ari Gutama, MMA, as well as Head of Agribusiness Program Dr. Ir. Agustina Shinta, MS.

In his remarks, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture who also alumni of Master and Doctoral Program at Bogor Agricultural University was very pleased and welcomed the visit. In addition, he delivered that in the world of education in the past, Bogor Agricultural University is a competitor, but it is no longer at current, precisely to become friends to be together to compete overseas universities. Since this is in accordance with Brawijaya University's goal towards Asian competitiveness.

Discussion and sharing session at FEM IPB visit
Discussion and sharing session at FEM IPB visit
"Development of education world today is very rapidly and so it is mandatory to be able to adjust with the situation including curriculum, moreover Faculty of Agriculture is already headed to go international. One of them is Faculty of Agriculture have started implementing double degree program for undergraduate program so it should be really lots of changes and adjustments in curriculum," thus as Prof. Nuhfil Hanani said.

The group leader Dr. Ir. Bayu Krisnamukti, MS who is also the former Vice Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia during the presidency of SBY delivered that the visit was aimed at silaturahim as well as part of a comparative study for a curriculum development at Agribusiness Department of FEM IPB. "I hope the visit is able to absorb many things related to curriculum development process which currently has to be adjusted with DIKTI's policy, and hopefully in the future will able to establish a joint workshop between both FEM IPB and FP UB for curriculum development at Agribusiness Department," said Bayu.

Hereinafter Head of Social Economy Department Mangku Purnomo, PhD delivered how important the courses changes at Agribusiness Department, not merely in theory but currently students must also be included directly in the practice of the courses. With addition of tutorials and practicum in each of the courses, according him is good enough. "But it is also good if there is a direct place for students to advance their courses practice, such as a place for student in agribusiness development," he said.

In this very casual event, was filled with QA (Question and Answering) and sharing on curriculum and learning process of each of the parties respectively, either from Faculty of Agriculture or Faculty of Economics and Management Bogor Agricultural University. The event was ended with souvenir handover and pursued with group photos. [zma/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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