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Creating Bee Venom Harvester, UB Students Won Silver Medal

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UB students grab silver at WINTEX 2018
UB students grab silver at WINTEX 2018
Bee venom is believed to have efficacy in medicine and beauty. Some are using bee venom as an alternative medicine to cure cancer or use it as cosmetic ingredients. The conventional harvesting of bee venom by killing the bee itself is not very effective.

Taking that into account, Ariq Kusuma Wardana (Electrical Engineering FT) with his three friends; Muhaammad Khuzain (Electrical Engineering FT), Mohammad Euro Anwarudin (FAPET), and Guruh Prasetyo (FAPET) created B-VETRACE (Bee Venom Harvester Device), an Innovative Bee Venom Removal Tool with Wave Electrical Method Integrated with Solar Cell.

Guided by Eka Maulana, ST., MT., M.Eng., the team made this tool to be self-generating energy, that is by utilizing solar cell. "We use the solar cell to run the B-VETRACE system, Basically the tool will emit a certain sound so that the bee thinks of it as a predator so that the bees will release venoms that will be accommodated on the collector in the tool," said Team Leader Ariq.

The advantages of this tool successfully brought B-VETRACE team to get a silver medal at an international competition of World Invention and Technology Expo (WINTEX) 2018 held at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), 12-13 March.

"We created B-VETRACE to have a self-contained, portable, affordable, and animal-friendly source of energy. With this, we can get a silver medal.We will continue to improve the system to better function and hopefully get the patent, "he hoped.

WINTEX itself is organized by the cooperation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development of Bandung Institute of Technology (LPIK-ITB) and Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Associaton (INNOPA).

No less than 96 teams from 10 countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Romania, Croatia, America, and Indonesia participated in this competition.

Participants are challenged in the field of Machinery/Metal, Electricity/Electronic, Information/Communication, Textile/Chemistry, Agro-Fishery Products, Engineering Construction, Biotechnology & Health, Educational Items, Social Science & Humanistic, Office Products, Sports and Games, Personal Care Products, Necessaries of Life, and Design. (mic)






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