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Doing Doctoral Research in Australia and Beyond: A Workshop by FCS UB

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A worshop on Doing Doctoral Research in Australia and Beyond at FCS
A worshop on Doing Doctoral Research in Australia and Beyond at FCS
On Monday (March 26, 2018), Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya held a workshop entitled Doing Doctoral Research in Australia and Beyond. The workshop was brought by Associate Professor Michael Harrington from the School of Languages ​​and Cultures, University of Queensland, Australia. The Deans, Vice Deans, Heads of Study Program, Lecturers, and Students in Universitas Brawijaya attended the workshop.

In the first session of the workshop, Prof. Harrington shared about the postgraduate education at the University of Queensland, Australia. Prof. Harrington also motivated the participants to carry out further studies because it brings many advantages: facilitating career, improving the ability to research, and gaining relevant knowledge.

According to Prof. Harrington, University of Queensland (UQ) is a great place to undertake further studies because UQ has first class facilities and an international reputation. In addition, UQ has also an annual AUD 40 million scholarship budget to support both domestic and international students.

In the next session, Prof. Harrington delivered the material entitled Own-Language: The Role of the L1 in the L2 Classroom. In his presentation, he explained that every teacher or student has a personal opinion of how L1 should be used in L2 class. There are some countries that apply the "Obligatory English" rule in the L2 class, but in practice, it is not easy to implement. In this second session, participants shared experiences related to English teaching and learning process.

It is hoped that the workshop will enlighten the research idea for the participants, as well as motivate the participants to carry out further study. [MSH/PSIK FIB/Humas UB]



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