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Brawijaya University Announces UBDC and KDMI Winners

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Announcement of UBDC and KDMI winners
Announcement of UBDC and KDMI winners
In order to increase graduates' competitiveness in global era, Directorate of Studentship Affairs, Directorate General of Learning and Studentship Affairs in 2018 held a debate contest on English, named as National Debating Championship (NUDC) and debate contest in Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian Student Debate Competition (KDMI) organized on next August.

Due to the preparation for these events, Universitas Btawijaya held Univrsitas Brawijaya Debate Championship and Kompetisi Debat Mahasiswa Indonesia (KDMI). This event was conducted on Saturday and Sunday (24-25/Mar/2018) at Faculty of Cultural Studies Brawijaya University.

The event was officially opened by Vice Rector III on Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Arief Prajitno, MS. Attended also Bureau Head on Academic and Student Affairs Brawijaya University Drs. Slamet Kusnady, M.Si as well as Vice Dean IIII of Faculty of Cultural Studies M. Andhy Nurmansyah, M.Hum.

In his remarks, the Vice Dean III affirmed that the selection is merely to seek the best one to compete in regional level and finally being pursued towards national level. "Today is organized a debate competition at Brawijaya University level and selected into regional level in next April," Prof. Arief explained.

UBDC was followed by 48 participants from 15 faculties and Vocational program. Each faculty delegated a team that consisted of 3 students as debaters and an adjudicator. In the determination of KDMI champion, the first champion was grabbed by Faculty of Social and Political Science, Runner porition was occupied by Faculty of Administrative Sceince and the third champion was grabbed by Faculty of Economics and Business. Meanwhile delegates who will move towards national level including 3 debators such as Nada Afra (Faculty of Social and Political Science), Galuh Fitri Amalia (Faculty of Social and Political Science), and Waly Suthani Anshar (Faculty of Economics and Business) as well as an adjudicator namely Anjas Pramono (Faculty of Computer Sceince). [dinda/Vicky/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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