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Team B-PLASCOW Contribute Medal from WINTEX 2018

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B-PLASCOW (Biodegradable Plastic from Cow Rumen) team from Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (TI-UB) again contributed medal for alma mater.

This time, the team was awarded a bronze medal at the international competition of World Invention and Technology Expo (WINTEX) 2018 held at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), 12-13 March 2018.

WINTEX itself is organized by the cooperation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development of Bandung Institute of Technology (LPIK-ITB) and Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Associaton (INNOPA).

No less than 96 teams from 10 countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Romania, Croatia, America, and Indonesia participated in this competition.

Participants are challenged in the field of Machinery/Metal, Electricity/Electronic, Information/Communication, Textile/Chemistry, Agro-Fishery Products, Engineering Construction, Biotechnology & Health, Educational Items, Social Science & Humanistic, Office Products, Sports and Games, Personal Care Products, Necessaries of Life, and Design.

“Even if we can not be the best, but we are grateful for getting valuable experience. We got so many criticism and input from the jury,” said team representative, Diezka Ahmad Al-Hafidh.

Besides Diezka, the B-Plascow team members are Kevin Aditya Pratama, Syaila Salsabila Faradis, and Naila El’Arisie.
Diezka said the team was plagued with supporting facilities for the development of research on eco-friendly plastic materials (bioplastic) made from rumen cow.

When resolved, this material is expected to be applied directly to plastic products such as flowerpots or polybags.

“Expectations and input from the jury are that this bioplastic already applied to plastic products,” he explained.

Besides the input from the juries, the team also gain another valuable experience from this competition. They got an opportunity to participate in Smart City themed seminars, comparative studies to LPIK-ITB, and a trip to a tourist spot in Bandung. (and/mic)

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