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NSYSU's 3 Day Visit to Faculty of Engineering

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In line with the internationalization vision, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) increasingly expand its cooperation network with some leading universities from abroad. One of them is National Sun Yat Sen University (NSYSU) Taiwan.

Unlike its two previous visits, the university that is centered in Sizihwan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan held a 3-day visit to FTUB, 27-28 February - 1 March 2018. Seven NSYSU delegates were welcomed by the Dean of FTUB, Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono., MT. along with the ranks of Vice Dean, Head of Mechanical Engineering Department Ir. Djarot B. Darmadi, MT., Head of Electrical Engineering Department Hadi Suyono, ST., MT., Ph.D., UB's International Office representative, Prof. Ir. Lilik Sulistyowati, PhD, and all ranks of International Liaison Office (ILO) FTUB.

"Welcome back to our campus, hopefully this visit can further strengthen and enhance cooperation between FTUB and NSYSU as well as increase the number of students who can continue the Master and Doctoral Study there," said the Dean when welcomed the arrival of the delegation in the 3rd Meeting Room FTUB Building, Tuesday (27/Feb/2018).

NSYSU Visit to Faculty of Engineering
NSYSU Visit to Faculty of Engineering
Led by The Dean College of Engineering, this group consisted of Professor Chih-Peng, Li (Dean), Professor Chi-Cheng, Cheng (Vice Dean College of Engineering), Professor Chung-Yao, Kao (chairman of electrical engineering), Associate Professor Hsiang-Hua Yu
Associate Professor Yao-Ching, Hsieh, Associate Professor Wan-Jen, Huang (Chairmen of IMPTE), and Jung-Ting, Lee (Staff Manager, International Aster's Program in Electrical Power Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering).

"Our arrival this time is focussed on Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, in addition to interviewing prospective students later we will also present several Guest Lectures," said Li Chih-Peng.

A guest lecture by Assoc Prof Hsiang-Hua Yu
A guest lecture by Assoc Prof Hsiang-Hua Yu
As Prof Li said, the visit was focused on two majors, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. In the first two days, five Professors presented a Guest Lecture.

Relay Feedback and its Application by Prof. Hsiang-Hua, Yu, Power Electronics in Battery Applications by Prof. Yao-Ching, Hsieh, delivered on February 27, 2018, in Room 1.6 Electrical Engineering B Building. The next day at the same venue Prof. Chung-Yao, Kao, and Prof Wan-Jen, Huang, provide a guest lecture entitled On Robust Stability Analysis of Sampled-Data System and Positive System and Global Trends Towards Next Generation Telecommunications.

Another case in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, in addition to Prof Cheng Chi-Cheng, gave a guest lecture entitled System Controller Design for Mechanical Engineering, many activities filled with discussions with leaders and lecturers there.

Scholarship interview by NSYSU professors
Scholarship interview by NSYSU professors
In the third day, Thursday (1/Mar/2018), the NSYSU entourage dominated the 3rd-floor Meeting Room of the FTUB Building to conduct interviews with prospective students. There are 5 FT lecturers participating in this interview, four from Mechanical Engineering and one from Electrical Engineering.

"Many scholarships are offered in NSYSU, hopefully with this face to face interview, many questions will be answered so that many students will be interested in continuing their study in our Double Degree program," Prof. Li said before starting the interview process. [mic/Humas UB]



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