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Faculty of Cultural Studies UB Receive A Visit from Miyazaki University

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On Thursday (8/2/2018), Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) received a visit from Miyazaki University, Japan which was represented by Prof. Yokoyama Shouzo. The visit was held in the framework of U to U cooperation between the two universities that runs at the present.

The cooperation between the two universities has been established since 2012. There are so many benefits that both parties have felt, for instance the presence of Tasuku Iizuka Sensei as a native speaker in Japanese Literature Program. He is a graduate of Miyazaki University. Another benefit is the presence of native speakers who help a lot in the Learning Process in the FCS since 2015, namely Mr. Kenta Tateishi (2015 - 2017) and Ms. Asuna Kawamoto (2017 - 2019). The other benefit is Lecturers of FCS-UB were also invited to an educational seminar at Miyazaki University in 2014, they are Ibu Ulfah Sutiyarti, M.Pd. and Ibu Febi Ariani Saragih, M.Pd.

In his speech, Dean of FCS-UB stated, "I hope that this cooperation can be implemented consistently, so that our objectives in the framework of quality improvement of human resources as well as fostering close institutional relationships with Miyazaki University in implementing education, research and community service can be achieved".

This visit was attended by the Dean, Vice Dean I, Vice Dean II, Head of Language and Literature Department, Head of Japanese Language Education Study Program, and Head of PSIK FCS-UB. [DT/MSH/PSIK FIB/Humas UB]








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