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Workshop on SIMKEU Application

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Submit by ronnysetiantoko on January 17, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 2628

Workshop Pelatihan Aplikasi SIMKEU
Workshop Pelatihan Aplikasi SIMKEU
The Financial Bureau in collaboration with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Team Brawijaya University for three days, Monday until Wednesday (15-17/Jan/2018) conducted a workshop on SIMKEU-RB application and creation of SPM UB for fiscal year 2018. Its organizing was centere4d in Apple Meeting Room, UB Guest House.

According to Drs. Sagiya, this workshop was organized with purposes to socialize the latest financial system in Brawijaya University. Modernization the online financial system is necessary to be organized of which previously the university used simple financial system.

"In previous years we used simple application, thus in its journey, the principals had a little trouble when they need financial data. This background sparked us as well as ICT team Brawijaya Univeristy to create online SIMKEU-RB, so that any time we can see the uptake of each unit or faculty up to its output easily," Sagiya explained.

Meanwhile Vice Rector II on General and Finance Affairs, in his remarks expected that the existence of the latest financial system workshop can bring capabilities improvement in financial information management in order to make it easier, fast, accurate and open.

"Ladies and gentlemen, of any activities, hopefully today is better than previous years and tomorrow will be even better. Including this financial system. If 2010 until 2017 was still in semi-manual, hopefully in the future will be even faster in a certain information system or online-based information technology. Thus the data is recorded, the existing information will be easy to detect and we manage quickly and accurately," he expected.

The workshop itself was opened directly by Vice Rector II on General and Finance Affairs Brawijaya University Dr. Sihabudin, SH., MH. Of which, the first day was followed by around 37 participants who mostly were expense treasurer and/or SPM operator of all faculties at Brawijaya University. Meanwhile in the second day was followed by expense treasurer and or SPM operator of units as well as principals and officials of Brawijaya University in the third day. [ronny/Humas UB/trans. Denok]











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