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Senate's Open Meeting to Celebrate Brawijaya University 55th Anniversary

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Rector's speech in senate's open meeting to celebrate 55th UB anniversary
Rector's speech in senate's open meeting to celebrate 55th UB anniversary
Brawijaya University organized Senate's open meeting to celebrate its 55th anniversary, Friday (05/Jan/2018) in Samantha Krida building.

In the occasion, the Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS presented 2017 Rector's Performance Gain during his 3 year-6-month official period in front the academic community and Minister of Finance. Sri Mulyani, Indrawati, SE., MSc., PhD.

In his exposure, Prof. Bisri explained that Brawijaya University performance indicators are based on performance contracts between the Rector and Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education as well as Minister of Finance. The Rector's performance gains with both ministries are based on data of internal quality audit cycle 16 conducted by Quality Assurance Centre.

Out of 20 performance-indicator-items with Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, 17 items of them have reached thus averagely the gain in 2017 was around 96.5 percent.

Three items of performance indicator that are not reached yet are including QS Stars international rankings, numbers of innovation products and college rank in national level, of which ranked 5 in 2016, and was declined to ranked 8 in 2017, caused by 29 study programs are still accredited C.

Meanwhile out of 12 items of Rector's performance indicator with Minister of Finance, around 12 items have fulfilled so as averagely Rector's performance gain in 2017 reached 93.8 percent.

Two items of performance indicators which cannot be reached yet are the amount of revenues sourced from asset management which are still below the target, namely around 36.8 billion rupiahs of the target 80 billion rupiahs as well as numbers of innovation products around 16 of the 20 targets.

Prof. Bisri added that one of exhilarating performance gains is 15 programs which have accreditation in levels of ASEAN, Asia even globally.

"In 2016, 14 programs obtained international accreditation from The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) for Bachelor Program of Accounting at Faculty of Economics and Business. In 2018, there are four programs being planned to obtain AUN QA accreditation namely Master Program on Public Administration Faculty of Administrative Science, Bachelor Program of Medicine Faculty of Medicine, Bachelor Program of Agribusiness and Bachelor Program of Agroecotechnology," he said.

In addition, in accordance with 4ICU version, Brawijaya University rankings goes up in global and national level. In 2016, Brawijaya University position was ranked 966 and in 2017 rose to 729.

Brawijaya University also obtained certification from UI Greenmetrics. Its rankings in 2017 was still the same as in 2016, namely 119 in global rank and ranked 7 in Indonesia.

Brawijaya University achievements that have been reached was Public Information disclosure (KIP) award organized by Central Information Commission in 2017.

In studentship affairs, in 2017 Brawijaya University returned to be the general champion for the sixth times and three times in a row from 2015 until 2017 in PIMNAS (National Student Scientific Week). Although many achievements have reached by the university, the Rector delivered there are sill many things to be improved in the future.

"We will continuously to be consistent to improve Brawijaya University performance by arranging priority programs," said Bisri.

The improvements are such as increasing implementation of bureaucracy system that based on integrated information system through GAPURA UB, improving system of graduate tracking, improving research culture through Competitive Grant Program in Brawijaya University for research group and improving lecturer's competency, journal and book resilience program, laboratory revitalization, Program on Doctor and Professor acceleration, and encouraging students to be achieved in international level as well as encouraging student entrepreneurship.

In the occasion, Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, SE., M.Sc., PhD, also presented her scientific oration with the theme of Indonesian prosperity. One that he emphasized is about human resources development.

Meanwhile Sri Hermaningrum, a lecturer at Faculty of Culture Studies in her scientific oration presented a theme of measuring Indonesian diversity in trans-global cultural dichotomy.

The peak event of the 55th Brawijaya University anniversary also enlivened with Orchestra Brawijaya led by Conductor Purwacaraka and performance of Trie Utami. [Dinda/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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