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LKM FISIP's Management Work with the Spirit of Kinship

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Inauguration of 2018 LKM FISIP management
Inauguration of 2018 LKM FISIP management
Caretakers of Student Sovereignty Institution (LKM) 2018 Periods, Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) Brawijaya University had officially inaugurated by the Dean Prof. Unti Ludigdo, Ak., accompanied by other Deanery boards. The inauguration was conducted for an hour which was filled with readings of Dean's decree on the Inauguration of new Administrators of Student Sovereignty Institution, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Brawijaya University by Edy Roesanto, S.H., M.H. as Head of Administration Affairs and Nuruddin Abiyanto as staff at Studentship Affairs. Afterwards was pursued with greeting speech from President of Student Executive Agency and Vice Dean on Student Affairs, as well as the Dean. The event that conducted on 3 January 2018 in 7th floor of FISIP's Building B as well as marked the end of Presidential Boards at Student Executive Agency 2017 Zidny Ziaulhaque, a student of Sociology 2014 and replaced by Ikhwanul Ma'arif Harahap, a student of Political Science 2015.

In his address, Ikhwanul invited all new administrators to create environment that is healthy, excel and kinship. "We shall able to prove that Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University is friendly to all of its student's organization and the organizations themselves also healthy," Ikhwanul pursued. The inauguration that was attended by all delegates of 23 student organizations in the faculty was opened by Al-Qur'an readings by ISSC representative, afterwards readings of Dean's decree, pursued with greeting speech, pledge which was followed by the new administrators and was led by Vice Dean III, and closed with praying.

To former administrators, The Vice Dean III Akhmad Muwafik Saleh, S.Sos. M.Si expressed his proud because OB trophy was successfully to back home, and expected the new administrators not to let the trophy out of its house. "Welcome to all administrators and happy working, in front of you there are great challenges, however with collaboration and kinship surely will be able to be better. Any efforts surely will arrive at its destination," said Muwafik.

In line with that statement, The Dean Prof. Dr. Unti Ludigdo, Ak., advised all the new administrators to imitate the good and covering the shortfall of the previous management. In addition, the faculty is required to run faster to pursue achievement of other senior faculties. "I'm sure, FISIP has very large potency, including all of its students, and this is great capital to be able to perform our achievements. I do not want FISIP students merely stamped as Brawijaya University students, but also have to contribute for the university. Let us hand-in-hand realizing FISIP students to be the main component of Brawijaya University," said Unti. [Charisma/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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