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2017 Student General Election at Faculty of Computer Science Brawijaya University

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Information board of BEM's President and Vice-President candidates, as well as DPM member candidates
Information board of BEM's President and Vice-President candidates, as well as DPM member candidates
Student general election at Faculty of Computer Science Brawijaya University (PEMILWA FILKOM UB) 2017 was organized at first floor of building F on Wednesday (06/Dec/2017). PEMILWA which is an annual agenda is conducted to vote President and Vice-President at Student Executive Agency (BEM) as well as Student House of Representative (DPM). Later the chosen candidates are going to have roles as student's representatives at the faculty in terms of delivering their aspiration towards faculties' principals or coordinating student's organization and a control function on faculties' service quality as their institution to study.

The recent 2017 Pemilwa FILKOM is conducted in e-vote system, aims for an implementation that is more effective, efficient and faster in calculation.

Students who have rights to join in pemilwa FILKOM 2017 are the entire FILKOM's active students, except for 2017 fresher. For students who want to vote in Pemilwa are mandatory to bring Student card as a requirement. Out of 4,000 FILKOM students in total who have the right to vote, the committee delivered that this year is targeted around 1,000 students can vote. The target is met, with respect to the record of Pemilwa final result, there is around 1,082 students who can vote. The number is increasing compared to the previous year of which voters are counted around 800 students.

There is only a single candidate for President and Vice President at recent Pemilwa 2017 who registered and qualified for the selection. The couple is Wahyu Agung Setio Budi (Informatics Engineering/2015) and Mohammad Al Irsyad Pahlevi (Informatics Engineering/2015). Result of Pemilwa FILKOM 2017 indicated that the couple of Agung and Mohammad was selected as BEM's President and Vice President for periods of 2018/2019 with total achievement of 831 votes (77%). As for the vision that is proclaimed by Agung-Muhammad is "Stepping together in Action, Working together in collaboration".

Meanwhile the mission to be proclaimed is including three aspects namely working together in professional work environment in familial aspect, synergism of all FILKOM's student and bureaucrat elements, as well as developing talent and science in collaboration.

Meanwhile there are 12 candidates of prospective candidates for Student House Representatives including Gelis Marga (Informatics Engineering/2015), Aditya Evan Yudistira (Information System/2016), Arif Rahman (Informatics Engineering/2016), Hrizto Hanie Del Piero (Informatics Engineering/2015), Fauziyah Nur Rahmania (Informatics Engineering/2016), Azizah Nurul Hikmah (Information System/2015), Muhammad Aditya Pramudita (Informatics Engineering/2015), Renaldi Muhammad (Informatics Engineering/2016), Aditya Hermawan (Computer Engineering/2016), Ali Akbar (Information Techology Education/2016), Fais Alqorni (Informatics Engineering/2016) and Jonathan Reynaldo (Informatics Engineering/2016). Of the numbers were chosen nine candidates to have the position as members of FILKOM's house of student representatives. From the result of Pemilwa FILKOM 2017, the selected candidates are Aditya Evan Yudistira (231 votes/21%), Gelis Marga (137 votes/13%), Hrizto Hanie Del Piero (122 votes/11%), Arif Rahman (117 votes/11%), Fais Alqorni (83 votes/8%), Azizah Nurul Hikmah (70 votes/6%), Renaldi Muhammad (58 votes/5%), Fauziyah Nur Rahmania (53 votes/5%) and Ali Akbar (50 votes/5%). Congratulations to the selected candidates, congratulations on duty and contribution. [dna/Humas UB/trans. Denok]






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