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85 Lecturers and Administration Staffs Take the Procurement Certification Exam

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Submit by oky_dian on December 07, 2017 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1085

Certification exam for expert in government goods and services
Certification exam for expert in government goods and services
Bureau of General and Personnel Affairs (BUK) returned to organize certification exam for expert in procurement of government goods and services. The event that aims for lecturers and administration staffs organized in 4th floor of Information and Communication Technology building, Saturday (02/Dec/2017).

Deputy Chairman of the event Arif Hidayat, S.Kom, M.M mentioned that purposes on organizing the event were such as providing understandings in related to goods and services as well as increasing numbers of expert in procurement of goods and services at Brawijaya University.

"Participants who take the exam are mandatory to have experiences in areas of procurement two years minimally and take training minimally 30-50 hours of learning previously. Out of 127 ones who take the training, there are 85 ones who take the exam. 42 ones who take the training have taken the exam. And so they cannot take another exam again," said Arief.

For exam participants who pass will obtain certificate as executor of goods and services which is valid for life.

"By the organizing of the training and examination, hopefully there is a common understanding in related with procurement of goods and services," said Arief.

In the event, BUK in collaboration with LKPP (Government Procurement Policy Institute) as supervisor and exam-questions maker.

Certification exam on procurement of goods and services is mandatory to be taken by Working group of procurement services and Officers on policy makers for procurement of goods and services.

This regard is in line with Perpres No. 54 Tahun 2010 Pasal 1 angka 19 which mention that certification exam is proof of recognition on professional competency and capabilities in areas of procurement of government goods and services which is a person's requirement to be appointed as goods and services users or procurement committee/officers.

"At Brawijaya University itself, we organize certification exam every once a year. Hopefully all lecturers and administration staffs at Brawijaya University can take the exam and getting the certificate," said Arief. [Oky Dian/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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