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UB's Fire Trucks Ready to Operate

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Submit by ronnysetiantoko on July 28, 2017 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1990

A demo on UB's fire trucks operation
A demo on UB's fire trucks operation
For three days, Monday-Wednesday (24-26/Jul/2017), Division of General, Law and Governance of Brawijaya University held a training on firefighting which took place in Campus II Dieng. The training was related with procurement of fire trucks as Rector's instruction to anticipate in case of fire especially at Brawijaya University campus as well as its surroundings.

"In related with procurement of fire trucks, the training is necessary. Since these fire trucks' operations need expertise and knowledge of its own. The initial training was presented by a speaker from PT. Matra Perkasa Utama especially in terms of Operation and Maintenance," said Head of General and Personnel Bureau Drs. Syarif Utomo, MM.

Furthermore Syarif explained, there are two units of fire trucks recently owned by Brawijaya University. The first is Double Cabin fire truck in capacity of 5,000 L which need 6 people in its operation. The smaller one is single cabin fire truck in capacity of 4,000 L which need 3 people in its operation. Both trucks can reach 6th up to 8th floor using stairs.

According to Syarif, the event was still an initial training. If a team is established later, then there will be an advanced training which planned to be collaborated with East Java Provincial Government of Fire Department in Surabaya.

"A special training in performing tasks is necessary, not just courage but also mentality and discipline. Therefore an advanced training is highly necessary. Our expectation, after Brawijaya University firefighting is established, then we will delegate the team to the Firefighting Department of the Provincial Government in Surabaya to deepen knowledge and technical skill as firefighters," Syarif ended.

Vice Rector I Prof. Dr. Ir. Kusmartono in his speech to open the event expected that utilization of fire trucks could appropriate with its SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) and maximally functioned. It is also meaningful, not only for Brawijaya University but also for its surroundings and Malang communities in general.

"For the car to function optimally, a maintenance is highly necessary. Besides, an evaluation on road access to faculties in Brawijaya University is also necessary. Which region needs an improvement since fire trucks need gate which fulfill prerequisites to enter the venue as close as possible," he explained. [ronny/Humas UB/trans. Denok]








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