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A Brawijaya University Lecturer, Ministry of Communication and Informatics and Presidential Spokesman Discuss on Digital Public Relations

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From left: Rachmat Kriyantono, Johan Budi, and Rudiantara
From left: Rachmat Kriyantono, Johan Budi, and Rudiantara
A lecturer at Communication Department, Faculty of Social and Politics Science of Brawijaya University Rachmat Kriyantono had a discussion with Ministry of Communication and Informatics Rudy Antara and Presidential Spokesman Johan Budi about digital public relations.

Rachmat Kriyantono in the discussion explained that during the information era as recent, there is a change model on public relations and public information that only rely on one-way information into the information era that tend to be asymmetric or two-way-communication between government and communities.

According to Rachmat, digital public relations is public relations' activities which use internet technology that can be informative and real time in a communication process between institutions represented by their public relations with their public. This regard was due in the digital era, government public relations challenges are greater as public has characters like autonomous and decentralization, critical that sometimes irrational, quick and free information access. In the context, decentralization is defined that information is not only determined and made by the government, yet public also could produce their own news via blog, web and online media.

Due to the matters, public relations plays essential roles as communication managers that produce single narrative and so government's programs can be accomplished.

In a presentation delivered by Ministry of Communication and Informatics Rudiantara, public relations should do several things, such as creating management group on social media and online in regional level, helping to spread the government's priority programs particularly national insight, infrastructure and economic equity, together to ward of the hoax issue, diligently communicating the achievement of regional program, and building relations with stakeholders, especially communities like KIM and bloggers.

Meanwhile, Presidential spokesman Johan Budi presented that government public relations should able to provide credible, accurate and clear information with several purposes including public's understanding in government's policy or decision and finally support, can be a reference and at once cutting slanderus materials to the government, and reducing debate/noise in the public sphere.

A discussion organized by Secretary Cabinet of the Republic of Indonesia is a forum about public relations which bring together the government represented by Ministry of Communication and Informatics, pratitioners represented by Presidential spokesman and academician represented by Brawijaya University lecturers and researchers. The event titled Government Public Relations in Digital Era discussed about public relations' roles as communication managers to create a mutual understanding between public and institutions. The event organized in JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya also attended by Regional Secretary of East Java, all the Head of Department of Communication and Informatics in East Java, the government public relations officers in East Java, also students of postgraduate program on Communication Science at Faculty of Social and Political Science of Brawijaya University. [Choiria/Humas UB/trans. Denok]









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