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Besides Delicious, Miantea Able to Prevent Worm Disease

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Submit by oky_dian on May 19, 2017 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 634

FTP students create Miantea for worm disease prevention
FTP students create Miantea for worm disease prevention
Miana leaves which during the time are highly used as decorative plants turned out to have many functions. One of them preventing intestinal worms in kids. Worm infections that can cause 150,000 deaths per year could be anticipated using Miana leave which processed to be tea named as Miantea.

Miantea is produced by four students of Agricultural Product Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Brawijaya University. They are Inmas Putri Rahmawati, Della Putri, Savrida Nurahmi and Ica Raditia.

Antioxidant content in Miana leave is considered effectively to paralyze the growth of tapeworms in the stomach.

One of the group's members Inmas mentioned that Tannin compound which included in the antioxidant type has functions to fasten the use of glucose in the body of the worms.

"Worms that release much of glucose and glycogen will release lots of energy and so easily limp and eventually died," said Inmas.

In a laboratory test, tapeworms which are soaked into tea will have paralysis and death in a range time of 36 up to 96 hours or around four days.

"In accordance with laboratory test, in a range time of 36 hours, worms will paralyze and in a range time of 96 hours will die," she said.

The use of Miantea recently already had a organoleptic or orally to the elementary school students of Purwantoro VI in related with flavor, taste and colour.

"In a test we have conducted, it turned out many lementary school students who love the taste of our tea. Beside delicious, also has many benefits when consuming it," she said.

Della added that recently Miantea is still being applied to the tapeworms, while for hookworm and pinworm will be pursued with advanced research.

"Although we still applied into the tapeworm, but we sure that Miantea could also be used to prevent the growth of hookworm and pinworm," she said.

Besides having antioxidant content, in the Miana leave also contained phenol compounds to inhibit the growth of the worms. In addition, there are also flavonoid content which functioned to regenerate the skin, saponins for immune and bone health, also katekin which plays a role to ward off harmful free radicals for thebody, [Oky Dian/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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