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Trust - ZTE Education Partner Present MASH Classroom Technology at Faculty of Computer Science

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Submit by prasetyaPTIIK on March 17, 2017 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1569

Brawijaya University Rector directly tried MASH Classroom technology
Brawijaya University Rector directly tried MASH Classroom technology
Brawijaya University in collaboration with ZTE Corporation, held a smart class. Faculty of Computer Science became the first faculty at Brawijaya University to organize the program. Therefore, PT. Trust as ZTE Education partner presented Multimedia Auto Recording Smart Hybrid Classroom (MASH Classroom) to the Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. M. Bisri, MS and Dean of Faculty of Computer Science Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, S.Si., M.T., Ph.D along with the principal boards, Tuesday (14/Mar/2017).

Attended the occasion, delegates of ZTE Worldwide and ZTE Indonesia Vice President Channel Sales PT. ZTE Inodnesia Kenneth He, General Manager of Education Product Line ZTE Zhang Chi, Marketing Director of Education Product Line ZTE He Haomin. Meanwhile delegates of PT. Trust delegates who attended were experts of PT. Trust Melvin Oet and General Manager PT. Trust Clara Rahmatharun.

Melvin mentioned that MASH Classroom technology is a smart class which allows learning process in a location to be followed by participants in different locations. Compared with teleconference, MASH Classroom technology has many advantages, particularly to be used in an interactive distance learning system anywhere and anytime. MASH Classroom technology also equipped with intelligent auto recording which allows the activity of learning is recorded with capturing focus in a precise way and proper edited automatically. The recording is automatically saved and can be distributed to the students with no longer manual editing process.

This is possible because supporting technology like intelligent tracking to be applied, in which creating camera installed in each MASH Classroom will direct its focus into movement of people in the class. Operators for the system is no necessary as everything runs automatically, thus class could run naturally. Students or participants who are not in the similar location still able to interact with the presenter as long as they are in a location equipped with MASH Classroom devices. Not only that, video recording on learning activities in the class could be accessed via portal that has been provided, thus students can access live teaching anywhere via streaming.

"If the lecturers teach while in motion from one location to another, the camera will automatically follow. If there is a student who stands for asking questions, then the camera will automatically shift the focus to the students," Melvin explained.

Melvin mentioned, the second MASH Classroom advantage is presenter can easily insert multimedia content. 3D Interaction, various supporting technologies for presentation, easier access if you want to show e-journal and digital library also digital display support and better audio thus can be usd to optimize students' concentration and understanding in learning materials.

Till recent, MASH Classroom technology is still being installed in five classes at Faculty of Computer Science. The numbers are including two master classrooms including a class in F bulding (the new building) and a class in A building respectively. Meanwhile three other classes are remote classrooms in which the entirely are located in F building. Master Classroom is equipped with technology that support the attendance of presenters directly and result of its performance could also be followed by learning participants in remote classroom.

It was planned that prior to launching the use of MASH Classroom, will be organized training for lecturers at faculty of Computer Science in related with the use of available technology. Nebertheless delivered by General manager of PT. Trust Clara, that MASH Classroom technology is designed with user friendly system thus he himself sure that users will able to adjust quickly. In the future, partnership between Brawijaya University and ZTE will be continued with partnership on educational scholarship by ZTE for Brawijaya University students. [dna/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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