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IMPALA members' meeting
IMPALA members' meeting
IMPALA (Ikatan Mahasiswa Pecinta Alam/Nature Lover Students Bonding) of Brawijaya University held MUSANG (Musyawarah Anggota/members' meetings) for three days, (26-28/Dec/2016). The event that is the organization's highest forum in the Student Activities Unit was consisted of Accountability Report of Judgment Agency (Badan Pertimbangan/BP), Chairman's Accountability report, formateur and mid-formateur selection and also selection of Judgment Agency. The event was centralized at Gedung Kebudayaan Mahasiswa of Brawijaya University.

The meeting chairman Gery Setyo Arnoldy (NIM.2016608/IMP) delivered, in the event, Judgment Agency and the Chairman obtained questions regarding their accountability report during management period of 2015-2016 in 15 terms and 54 terms, in which oeach term consisted of three questions.

"Young Members, Ordinary Members, Honorary Members until Outstanding Members were given opportunities to propose questions or having dialogue," Gery said.

Head of IMPALA-UB Period of 2015-2016 reported, in a term of one year, IMPALA-UB have tried its benefits to the communities via several activities. Such as in the celebration of the World Environment Day in 2016, IMPALA UB had a research on waste quantities in Brawijaya University.

"Of the audience result in HLHS (Hari Lingkungan Hidup se-Dunia/the World Environment Day) 2015 and HLHS 2016 were obtained positive responses from the Rectorate that such event could be pursued in HLHS 2017 in Brawijaya University surroundings towards Green Campus," he explained.

In the event, Fauzi Ahmad Yunianta (NIM.2015600/IMP) was selected as IMPALA UB Chairman, meanwhile for formateur and mid-formateur position were given into Cendi Tito (NIM.2014590/IMP) and Rudi Widura (NIM.2013575/IMP). Several members also have chosen to fill in the Judgment Agency, namely: Zakaria Firmanda (NIM.2011552/IMP), Choirul Anam (NIM.2013577/IMP), Rudi Widura (NIM.2013575/IMP), Cendi Tito (NIM.2014590/IMP), Reza Tri Cahya (NIM.2012562/IMP). The result of Judgment Agency members were selected based on conclusion of its accountability report that regards to member composition should be across generations.

With leadership motto of "Make IMPALA Great Again", Fauzi Ahmad Y (NIM.2015600/IMP) as IMPALA UB new Chairman expected in the future IMPALA UB could be more victorious through events to do which are in line with RESOSIL (Rekreasi, Olaharaga, Sosial dan Ilmiah/recreation, sport, social and scientific) spirit. [Hilmi/Irene/Humas UB/trabs. Denok]



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