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PLP UB Organizes a Social Service at Sunan Ampel Orphanage

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Chairman of PPLPI UB, Ardiansyah, ST donates the Sunan Ampel orphanage
Chairman of PPLPI UB, Ardiansyah, ST donates the Sunan Ampel orphanage
In order to fill the time during Ramadhan this year, Pranata of educational laboratory (Pranata Laboratorium Pendidikan Universitas Brawijaya/PLP UB) held a social service at Sunan Ampel orphanage, on Jl. Sumbersari II Malang, Monday (27/Jun/2016).

The event was originally initiated by a PLP of Faculty of Natural Sciences and afterwards to be followed up in a real action. The participation of PLP UB members who join in a forum of professional organization namely Persatuan Pranata Laboratorium Pendidikan Indonesia (PPLPI) indicated a huge empathy into the event.

Led by Chairman of PPLPI UB, Ardiansyah, ST, PLP members who join in a group were such as Soeyati Pujiani (Faculty of Medicine), Ahmad Dulhadi, ST (Faculty of Engineering), Mulyadi, ST (Faculty of Engineering), A. Arifin (Faculty of Natural Sciences), Erma (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences) and Sugiyono (Faculty of Animal Husbandry).

A 2016 social service by PLP UB
A 2016 social service by PLP UB
On the occasion, the PLP UB group was accepted by one of orphanage caretakers, Sukaryadi. The group donated in form of nine basic needs, stationary, book and school equipment and also welfare money into the orphanage residents.

Sunan Ampel orphanage was established on an area with 50 children inhabitants, originated from various areas. The children go to study outside the orphanage and they have various social and education background started from kindergarten until higher education, even there are also infants. The orphanage caretakers are mounted around 12 ones. On the occasion, Sukaryadi expected the relationship between UB and the orphanage could be sustainable.

In his address, Ardiansyah mentioned that relationship could be established in a fraternity frame, since, actually Sunan Ampel orphanage and UB are a neighbor which nearby geographically. Thus UB should have social obligation to build the orphanage in community services frame.

"The event should become an entry point towards further social program for academic communities of University of Brawijaya," said Ardiansyah. [Ardiansyah/Humas UB/trans. Denok]


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