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UB's Fresher Delighted Receiving Alma Mater Jacket

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Fresher have been obtained alma mater jacket
Fresher have been obtained alma mater jacket
Fresher of the University of Brawijaya (UB) year of 2015 confessed to be delighted to receive alma mater jacket. Distribution of the alma mater jacket executed by each faculty starts on Thursday (14/Jan/2015).

One of fresher of the Faculty of Law (Fakultas Hukum/FH) Novy Anggraini confessed, although the jackets obtained are still not suit with their desired size, yet they were feel excited since able to show their identity as UB's student.

"Alma mater jacket I have obtained will I use to join in a competition, socialization at schools and final semester examination," she said.

In FH itself, alma mater jacket distribution have been executed after the students finished join with final semester examination.

According to FH-UB's Head of Administration Ir. Suhardiyono, alma mater jacket which distributed to the fresher around 848 consists of 599 for bachelor programs and 249 would be distributed for post graduates.

Met in separate place, Head of Administration Faculty of Dentistry, Dra. Susantinah Rahayu mentioned, there were around 145 alma mater jackets to be distributed for the fresher. Similar with Faculty of Law, the alma mater jacket distribution also executed after students join in final semester examination.

"For students who want to give complaints regard to alma mater jacket the have obtained, we will serve and follow-up," she said. [Oky/Humas UB/trans. Denok]


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