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Nursing Departement of FK UB to Hold the First International Conference in Nursing

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Nursing Departement of FK UB to Hold the First International Conference in Nursing
Nursing Departement of FK UB to Hold the First International Conference in Nursing
Medical Faculty of Universitas Brawijaya (JK-FKUB) will hold an international scientific event entitles "The First International Conference on Nursing (ICON) 2015: Strengthening the Linkages of Emergency, Community and Public Health, and Nursing Management" in Harris Hotel for two days (28/2-1/3).

This activity is the first international scientific event which is held by Nursing Departement of FK-UB.

The activity will be attended by nine speakers from several countries such as Indonesia, United State, Australia and Thailand. The nine countries will share their knowledge with the community of international scientific nursing.

The activity is held by the team which is joined in Brawijaya University Nursing Science Development (BRAINSEED) committee which annually holds an international conference.

The event which will be held focuses on the study in three nursing sciences that are nursing of emergency, public and community health, and nursing management.

Emergency nursing is necessarily developed especially based on the condition of geographic and demographic in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the focus of this scientific conference is on the field of prehospital care services (emergency treatment outside a hospital).

In this conference, the explanation about the field of emergency will be presented by two experts from Australia are Assoc. Prof Virginia Plummer, MSc, PhD and Dr. Malcolm Boyle, M.Clin.Epid, PhD.

Meanwhile the material about emergency which is related to a community and public health will be presented by Dr. Utami Roesli, Sp.A, IBCLC, FABM, MBA (Indonesia), and Abigail Beeson, MPH (United States).

While the study in the field of nursing management science will be presented by the speakers from Indonesia, Prof. DR. Nursalam, M.Nurs, DR. Ahsan S.Kp, Kes, Rini Rachmawatiy, S. Kep., Ns., MN., PhD, and a senior nurse from Thailand, Quantar Balthip, PhD, RN, and a senior lecturer from United States, Assoc. Prof Chandran Achutan, PhD.

Not only presenting the materials from international experts, the scientific conference will also present the scientific presentation and display the posters from the nursing academics and clinicians from various countries.

For nursing practitioners in Indonesia, this event will be a gold opportunity to get knowledge and update the nursing science.

This conference also be a good opportunity to share the research result or scientific writing and get the national and international recognitions.

As the appreciation from the organizer to the participants’ scientific writings, this event will publish the proceeding with ISBN national number. Furthermore, the best scietific presentation will be facilitated to be published in international journals.
The complete information about this conference can be seen at [translated by lely-agung]

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