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An UB�s Student Achieves an Award as the Best Pioneer Youth

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Submit by humas3 on November 11, 2014 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 5435

Verdy Firmantoro
Verdy Firmantoro
The Mayor of Malang, H.M. Anton enthrones a student from the Communication Department of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Brawijaya, Verdy Firmantoro as the Best Pioneer Youth of Malang in Socio-Cultural and Tourism Affairs. The enthroning was given along with veterans at Hero Day on Monday (10/11).

Verdy Firmantoro achieves that award from the mayor as the best pioneer youth because of his effort in saving the ancient scripts.

The award which is received by Verdy is also for his hard work result on his selection as a pioneer youth of Arts and Tourism of Youth and Sport Department (Dispora) Malang. As the first winner in the field of ancient manuscript study in Malang, then Verdy attends the competition at the provincial level in East Java Province. However, at the provincial level he fails to win.

Nowadays, Verdy will collaborates with the Civilization Research Centers of UB to examine the two ancient scripts: Kasunan Mangkunagara or Kasunan Surakarta namely Serat Laksita Raja and Serat Paworing Kawula Gusti.

"I will collaborate with the Civilization Research Center UB to translate both scripts Serat Laksita Raja  and Serat Paworing Kawula Gusti," he said.

In addition to actively examine the ancient scripts and be a champion at Malang level, Verdy and his two friends had won scientific paper entitled "Digitalization of Indonesian Integrated-Social-Movement-Based Ancient Manuscripts as a Preservation Efforts of Local Scientific Archipelago".

Then that paper is set to be the first winner of dozens of works that have been selected in the event of Communications of Universitas Indonesia (UI) in 2014. [Oky/translated by kevin-agung]

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