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PPA Guides Students to Love Reading Al-Quran

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Students are enthusiastic to attend the guidance and training of MTQ.
Students are enthusiastic to attend the guidance and training of MTQ.
Religion Development Center of Universitas Brawijaya (PPA UB) on Friday (24/10) began  Religious Guidance and Training of Reading Al-Quran and Science Study of Al-Quran for UB’s students. The event was opened by the Vice Chairman of PPA, Rohma Rozikin, M.PdI. Rozikin said that PPA as a responsible agency for the whole religious activities as the center of moral, personality and polite manners to build UB’s academic communities who have religious intellectual character and intact Islamic personality (kaffah).
"PPA UB seeks to provide optimal religious services for the entire academic communities as well as to implement the deliver of Islam in the university and in the society,” he said.

Rozikin also delivers that besides as learning reading Al-Quran and exploring the sciences in Al-Quran, this event also as a networking and coaching for the candidates of National Student MTQ 2015, and in order to grow love to read Al-Quran for the all academic communities in UB.

The training and development which will be done include learning to read Al-Quran in the form of Tilawah Quran, Qiraah Sab'ah, Tartil Quran. And learning to memorize Quran in the form of Hifzhil Quran, Syarhil Quran Learning (a speech/preacher), Khathil Quran (Calligraphy Painting). Learning to dig the science and technology in Quran which are in the form of Al-Quran Science Study, Scientific Paper of Al-Quran, Debate of Quran in Arabic and English, Motivation Training and Building Students’ Good Character.

While the implementation of these guidance and training will be carried out regularly every Saturday, on the 1st and 3rd week, started at 08.30 in Raden Patah Mosque in UB freely for UB’s students. [rian/translated by kevin/agung]

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