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Communal Fast-Breaking of Universitas Brawijaya Family

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Drs. Nurkholis Huda MSi gives some sermons
Drs. Nurkholis Huda MSi gives some sermons
On Thursday (3/7), The Center of Religion Guidance (PPA) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held Communal Fast-Breaking and Sholat Tarawih with the Family of UB. The event entitled "To build self mutaqien in the holy of Ramadhan which is full of benedictions and forgiveness" takes place in Fatahilah Mosque, 5th floor or rectorate building presents a speaker, Drs. Nurkholis Huda MSi.

This annual activity is opened by UB Rector, Prof Dr Ir Mohammad Bisri MS. In his speech, Prof Bisri suggests all academician in UB to begin harmonizing between way of thingkings and worships. According to him, academician sometimes forget to do worship or doing something small when they are buzy with work or the process of teaching and learning. "Yes, the simple is we have done a lot of thing on sciences but lack of charitables," he said.

Sciences, worships, and devotions really cannot be seperated from the personality of an academician. According to him, those three things can be the strong foundations for each individual to the institution itself. "We hope that our religious services are not only based on reward but also become the valuable experiences. Not only to become experience, it also becomes our teacher," he added.

In addition, Drs Nurkholis Huda in his sermon said that human has mutaqien personality which is people who can do the aspect of honesty and generousity. Both things become taboo and rare in today era because there are many people who are lack of cares to both things. "Moreover, honesty and generousity become the main aspects. Which mean both are closed and related to each other in Ramadhan".

For him, honesty and generousity are the easy things to see but hard to assest. Because honesty and generousity can become various opinions or perceptions in the people eyes. "Well, if it were so, we must follow the conscience wisely," he said. [translated by Agung]

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