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Universitas Brawijaya 82 Football School Gets Achievement on Local and Global Level

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Private doc.
Private doc.

Universitas Brawijaya'82 Football Scool (SSB Unibraw'82) Malang have won many achievements, not only at local level but also has reached the world level.
Individual or team achievements are continuously born from young talents of SSB UB '82 students. It has been proven that SSB UB '82 9 years old became the winner in Halilintar Cup Malang tournament in 2013, while in the individual achievement, there were three students on SSB UB '82 to be proud of from 2011 up to now: first, Renaldi Felathiza Yulhan. Renaldi was born in Malang on February 25, 15 years ago. He won the National Champion of Manchester United Premier Cup (MUPC) and will represent Indonesia in the Asia-Oceania in Thailand, in June 2014.
Second, Reksa Leghad Satata born in Malang, June 11, 17 years ago. In 2013 has been entered as a member of Porprov team Malang.

Ridho Nurcahyo. Private doc.
Ridho Nurcahyo. Private doc.

Third is Ridho Nurcahyo, born 15 April 1993 in Malang. He has many achievements, such as became the Porprov team member Malang in 2013, became the team member of Pre PON EAST JAVA in 2014, and entered the U-23 of national team in 2014 .
Although education and training of football school (SSB) UB '82 was not done at stadium or field of UB, and has moved to Tunggulwulung field Malang, but the students of SSB UB'82 still excited and full of enthusiasm to practice for the sake of their achievement and future.
SSB Unibraw'82 existed since 1985. Prior to the existence of SSB Unibraw'82, there were two football coaching, UB'82 and UASB, which was the college students' football team.
The first coach from 1985-2007 period, Firdaus A, said that the SSB Unibraw'82 standing under the guidance of UB'82.
"At that time, UB'82 was inaugurated by General Akub Zainal and reinforced by Kardono who is the chairman of the PSSI in 80s period. UB'82 was chaired by Drs. Suwinarko and Drs. Farid Atmadiwirya," he said.
Beside the three names above, SSB Unibraw'82 also has produced young talents who have become national team players, among others were Bustomi who is U-23 players and Arif Suyono. [Oky/translated by Nea/Yasmeen]


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