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Rector Officially Accepts 1326 Graduate Program Students

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Post Graduate Students Officially Accepted by Rector
Post Graduate Students Officially Accepted by Rector

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Yogi Sugito on Thursday (12/9) officially accepted 1326 New Students of Graduate Program Students in Samanta Krida Building in the Inauguration of New Students 2013/2014 for Master and Doctoral Program.

In his speech, Yogi said that Campus Life Introduction for New Students is important because every university has different regulations. Usually there are many problems faced by graduate students because they don't understand the regulations.

"You are lucky to be able to continue your education on graduate level, because in Indonesia, there aren't many university graduates with master or doctoral title. According to rough participation data, undergraduate level (S1) is still less than 20%, moreover on post graduate level," he said.

Yogi added that one of the objective of post graduate school is to give deeper understanding and developing knowledge and technology in accordance with their own field and research result so that it is not only become a journal, but also innovated into something useful for society.

"To support that, the graduate students of UB is trained on three supporting competence: information technology mastery, communication skill, and foreign language skill in Semester Credits (SKS)," he said.

Vice Rector I Prof.Dr. Bambang Suharto MS., added that learning academic guidebook is a must so that the students can understand the education system of post graduate program in UB.

"So that you can plan your graduation on time with good grades," he said.

Bambang then explained how education system on master and doctoral program start from education objectives to graduation requirements.

While Head of the Event Committee Prof. Ir. Sukoso, MSc, PhD reported that from the total 1326 students f post graduate program 999 are students of master program, while 327 are students of doctoral program. [rian/indra/translated by yasmeen]


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