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Handover of MoU Between UB and University of Malaya

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Handover of MoU UB-University of Malaya
Handover of MoU UB-University of Malaya

To develop network and achieve the vision of international scale university, Universitas Brawijaya once again held a cooperation with foreign university. On Monday (10/12), Universitas Brawijaya follow up the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with University of Malaya. The follow up is held in Rector’s Meeting Room, attended by delegate from University of Malaya, Ir.Moh. Sholichin, MT. PhD as the person in charge, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, M.S as the representative of UB Quality Assurance and Prof.Dr.Ir Hendrawan MRurSc as a representative of Vice Rector I Academic Affairs. In the meeting, Prof.Dr.Ir.Hendrawan said that UB is very concerned with international network. “It has been the interest of Rector since several years ago. In reality, we want to achieve the vision of becoming world class university soon. Thus, we are glad that Universitas Malaya agree to cooperate with UB”, he said.

The MoU, focused on Faculty of Engineering is aimed to make Faculty of Engineering, especially Water Engineering as the main sector of cooperation between UB and UM. “So that it is expected that there will be beneficial relationship for both sides”, Hendrawan said.

Meanwhile, Secretary of LP3 as the person in charge of MoU UB-UM, Ir.Moh. Sholichin, MT. PhD, said that the MoU is an umbrella of cooperation. “The MoU is an umbrella of cooperation between UB and UM, and for now, it is started with Faculty of Engineering. If it works well on one or two years, there is a big chance that the MoU will be continued including other faculties”, he said.

The MoU is handed directly by Vice Conselor of University of Malaya, Dr. Ghauth Jasmon as a representative of UM to Prof.Dr.Ir Hendrawan, MRurSc as the representative from UB. Both sides expect that the MoU can be used to measure the difference of education quality on various forms, such as credit transfer, joint research, exchange program, and many more. [Vicky/translated by yasmeen]

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