Managing Editor: The Gadget Changes the Way Young People Access News

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As the development of technology, journalism becomes an integral part of media industries. The existence of news in this industry seemed to be an obligation so none of the mass media has no special news program.

To provide an understanding of this, Communication Science Department Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University organized a guest lecture themed "Indonesian Journalism New Landscape".

The event invited Managing Editor Vice.Com Ardyan M. Erlangga. The event was organized on Monday (08/Oct/2018) at Nuswantara Auditorium.

In the event, Ardyan mentioned that gadget changes the way young people access the news.

"There is a big transition on how young people access the media in the last five years. Nielsen's survey in 2014 indicated that in addition to watch the television, people also access internet in primetime hours," he said.

He also explained that percentage of information consumption from the internet reach 44 percent. Therefore, Vice facilitates the publics need on information. Vice is a media industry which only focuses on presenting two types of content, namely the news which is only in Vice and perspective or unique opinion on an event. [03/Fariza/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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