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Vice Rector III Response towards an Online Petition

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Submit by pnugraheni on December 23, 2016 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 4482

Several days ago, Brawijaya University alumni created a petition in a website so-called The petition asked for Brawijaya University Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS to replace Vice Rector III on Student Affairs. It was motivated by his concern on the Vice Rector III Prof. Dr. Ir. Arief Prajitno, MS manner in facing UKM (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa/Students' Activities Unit) of Brawijaya University. In the petition, one of them wrote about difficulties on realizing UKM's programs in campus.

Responded to the petition, the Professor at Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences provided clarification. He delivered that it is not right if his policies as a Vice Rector on Student Affairs were aimed to divide among academic communities. "Moreover with alumni who during the time had been taking part in building student activities," he said.

The Vice Rector III expected that all parties could understand if each UKM UB's activities funding assistance submission should be attached with their proposals which follow the predefined mechanisms and procedures. Both are aimed to maintain accountability-administrative discipline in using of state budget.

In related with delays in disbursement of UKM UB's finance assistance, it was due to system and mechanism of funding disbursement and also activities permits which been running during the time, not optimally follow the dynamics of acceleration progress on UKM UB needs which developing dynamically. Therefore mentioned by the Vice Rector III, the studentship board will immediately have improvement in system and mechanism UB's UKM/studentship management by involving UKM, student executive, Vice Deans III in faculties and related parties which will be written in UB UKM/studentship guideline book.

The studentship board according to him always be committed in improving its services towards UKM or other student affairs. The board always ready to receive inputs and suggestions from many entities via the existing mechanism for achievement improvement in studentship area.

"Many dynamics that growing during the times expected to become attention and learning together among all parties for better students' achievements. In the future I hope UKM UB activities will be increasing smoothly, in order to sustain students' achievement, and so Brawijaya University will become more qualified and reputable," he ended. [Pranatalia/Humas UB/trans. Denok]


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