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Vice Governor of East Java and UB Discussion How Strengthening Local Agriculture for East Java Development

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Submit by oky_dian on May 20, 2019 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 932

Vice Governor of East Java, Emil Dardak discussed with the chancellor, vice chancellor, and faculty deans in UB about the problems faced in the world of agriculture, on Friday (17/5/2019).

There are several problems faced by local farmers in the field of marketing, including institutional factors and demand creators.

In the institutional sector, the problems faced by farmers include assistance from third parties in marketing their products.

UB Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani said that the dream that had not yet unrealizabe was how East Java could become the center of Southeast Asian agro-industry and agribusiness.

Through the discussion, Emil provided a solution that could be done with a food intervention strategy.

"We can example of Japan. Japan sees has a high GDP. But imports of exports are few. Cars like Honda, their spare parts are made in Indonesia but the engines are made in Japan. That's what we can example. If East Java does not have land to plant then it can do expansion of land outside Java, but the center or ownership remains in East Java," he said.

In the discussion, Emil also gave advice so that farmers could maximize the use of technology to market their questions.

He gave an example of Finna's company which initially produces shrimp crackers which are now able to utilize chili by producing ready-to-use chili sauce.

"Finna is able to take advantage of the opportunity of the price of chili when the price is soaring. He sells ready-to-use chili in the form of jars that can be enjoyed at any time even though at that time the chili harvest has deteriorated," he said.

So that not only the behavior of human resources needs to be changed but also the courage in doing a product conversion by utilizing technology.[oky/translated by Chika/Humas UB]


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