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Universitas Brawijaya Introduce Its Student Admission Track

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Submit by vicky.nurw on February 09, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1397

Thursday (08/Feb/2018), Universitas Brawijaya introduced student admission track to headmasters of Senior High Schools. The event Entitled "Socialization on SNMPTN (National Selection of State Universities Entrance), SBMPTN (Joint Selection of State Universities Entrance), and Independent Track" was held in Widyaloka Building. It was attended by both Headmasters and Counseling Teachers of Senior High Schools, Vocational High Schoosl and Madrasah Aliyah around The Greater Malang, Jombang, Kediri, Probolinggo and Pasuruan.

Invited as speaker in this event were Vice Rector of Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Kusmartono, Head of Academic and Student Affairs Bureau, Drs. Slamet Kusnady, M.Si also Head of Academic Division, Drs. Agus Yuliawan, and Vice Dean on Academic Affairs at faculties.

According to Kusmartono, things that need to note in SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and Independet Track is about choosing study programs. "Mappings on student ability and competence is necessary," he said.

He also emphasized on the importance of alumni's achievements. "SNMPTN competition is between students at similar schools. One of its indicator is alumni's achievement that take effects on their junior's admission," he added.

In 2018, added Kusmartono, Brawijaya University is going to receive around 11 thousand students. "The admission proportions are 30 percent minimally at SNMPTN, 30 percent minimally at SBMPTN and 30 percent maximum at independent track. If there are any changes, we will announce publicly," as he said. [vicky/Humas UB]








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