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Unila Learns Coaching Model of Scientific Activities at UB

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Unila learns coaching on scientific activities at UB
Unila learns coaching on scientific activities at UB
Studentship affairs of University of Lampung (Unila) visited Brawijaya University (UB) on Friday (06/Apr/2018). Unila's visit led by Vice Rector III on Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Karomani, M.Si aims at learning coaching model on PKM (Student Creativity Program) of Pimnas (National Student's Scientific Week).

Unila's entourage was accepted by Brawijaya University's Vice Rector III on Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Arief Prajitno, MS and his boards in banquet room of the main building. Started his presentation, the Professor of Fisheries and Marine Science delivered that the key of coaching on reasoning activities at UB is togetherness and harmony between principals. "Rectorate and faculty should be connected each other," he said.

In each of the faculties, he added, has different coaching model handled by an ad hoc team. PKM competition is begun since they are fresher by fighting over the Rector's trophy. This is according to him will train the students on competition and their understandings in research methodology. Arief Prajitno captured students' good enthusiasm in fresher's PKM. "This will shape the academic environment since the beginning," he delivered.

Averagely 1,400-1,500 proposal titles are produced by Brawijaya University students annually. "In three years consecutively, numbers of proposals funded are always at the first rank," he said. Although the position is occupied by Gadjah Mada University this year with 227 proposals. Brawijaya University is shifted into runner-up position with 175 proposals. Total funding from Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education is 1.35 billion rupiahs in 2018. Of the number, PKM-PE (exact research) has the highest number up to 58 proposals and followed by PKM-T (Technology/32 proposals), PKM-KC (copyright works/27 proposals), PKM-K (entrepreneurship/24 proposals), PKM-M (community services/23 proposals) and PKM-SH (Social and Humanities/11 proposals). Faculty of Agricultural Technology is still occupy the top position with 49 proposals, followed by Faculty of Science (20 proposals) and Faculty of Agriculture (20 proposals).

In addition to togetherness, Arief Prajitno also emphasized the importance of 5 areas PKM equity so as according to him the bigger chances to be the champion. Awards are also given to the students and supervisors starts from cash money until thesis exemption.

A continued decline in the number of Unila's PKM funded by the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education be Karomani's question, "What's wrong with Unila?" meanwhile according to him, Brawijaya University continues to maintain its reputation. This year, around 22 Unila's proposals obtain the Ministry's funding, lower than a year before around 27 proposals. Three things including compactness, rewards and Brawijaya University studentship funding of 16 billion rupiahs recorded by him.

Afterwards, presentation was continued by Vice Dean III on student Affairs of Faculty of Agricultural Technology Yusuf Hendrawan, S.TP., M.App.Life.Sc., PhD and Faculty of Science Darjito, S.Si., M.Si. Yusuf delivered that his party prioritizes conducive environment and system formation. "Funding has influence but it is not an absolute," he said. He mentioned that studentship funding at his faculty is only one-third of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science. Steps he does is then scientific activities mainstreaming at his faculty. He cut all hedonism activities, reducing the roles of students' organs on sovereignty and the effort start to be fruitful. "Now it can be seen at FTP's lobby, many students in groups do their scientific paper," he affirmed.

Meanwhile at Faculty of Science, Darjito more emphasizes balancing of all students' activities. He distinguishes student's professional activities, and semi-professional one like Student Executive Agency and Student Association of Majors. [Denok/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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