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UB’s Academicians Begin the Year with Congregation of Pray and Dhikr

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UB’s Rector leads the Dhikr together
UB’s Rector leads the Dhikr together
Universitas Brawijaya’s academicians held a dhikr (a form of devotion, associated chiefly with Sufism, in which the worshiper is absorbed in the rhythmic repetition of the name of God or His attributes) and praying together activity that were led by UB’s Rector, Prof Dr Ir Muhammad Bisri MS on Friday (2/1). This activity is one of the ritual activities to complete the social activities to gratitude to Allah in order to the 52nd Dies Natalis of UB. The event began with congregation of Shalat Maghrib (Moslem evening prayer) and continued with dhikr and pray together that was led by UB’s Rector.

After the dhikr and prayer activities, it was continued with a discourse by Gus Wahid, the Chairman of As-Salam Orphanage, Singosari. Gus Wahid delivered about the urgency of shahada (Islamic creed). In which the shahada is the foundation of the faith in Allah and Prophet Muhammad.

"Allah has given us many blessings. Therefore we must love Allah. One of the proofs of loving Allah is by come for congregation prayer when we heard adzan (call of prayer)," he said.

There is no way to close to Allah except to follow Prophet Muhammad. As faith in Allah, faith in Prophet Muhammad is learned or knows who Prophet Muhammad is. [rian/translated by kevin-agung]

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