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UB Medical Faculty Graduates 10 Specialist Doctors

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FK-UB Dean Dr. dr. Karyono Mintaroem, SpPA graduates 10 new specialist doctors
FK-UB Dean Dr. dr. Karyono Mintaroem, SpPA graduates 10 new specialist doctors

Dean of the Universitas Brawijaya Medical Faculty (FK-UB) Dr. dr. Karyono Mintaroem, SpPA, graduates 10 specialist I doctor on Friday (23/9). They are new specialist doctor from the study program of Specialist Doctor Program (PS PDS) I Surgery Science (4 graduates), Internal Disease Science (1 graduate), Emergency Medical Science (1 graduate), Child Medical Science (1 graduate), Radiology (1 graduate), Orthopaedi and Traumatology (2 graduates). With the current additions, now FK-UB has graduated 313 alumni of PS PDS I to the society.

The ten graduates are dr. Runiawan Condro Susilo, MKes, Sp.A (thesis title: The relation between the Expression of Interleukin (IL)-4 and Apoptosis Epitel on Bronkiolus Mencit Asma Sensitisized with Ovalbumin), dr. A. Yusmanedi, MMRS, SpEM (thesis title: The Comparison of Clinical Criterion and Peak Wave of Expiration (APE) in determining Acute Asthma Patient's Diagnosis in Emergency Unit of RSSA Malang), dr. Rianto Prabowo, SpB (thesis title: Risk Factor of Post Resection Erection Function Change Transuretral Prostat in Dr. Saiful Anwar Malang Hospital), dr. Tri Marthoni Yusbawono, SpB (The effect of Erythropoletin in lowering Striated Muscle Tissue Edema and Neutrofil Migration on Acute Extreme Ischemia with Reperfusion Injury), dr. Tanto Raharjo, SpB (thesis title: The relation of Personality Types and Deterioration of Body Endurance and Breast Cancer), dr. Wicaksono Patria Wuryanjono, SpB (thesis title: Intradermal Stitches using Polypropylene String in Repairing Operation Scar on Mice), dr. Erna Furaidah, SpRad (thesis title: Comparison of the Accuration of CT Scan and MRI in Enforcing Supratentorial Tumor Diagnosis), dr. Aries Dwi Lestari, SpPD (thesis title: Corelation of MMP-9 Serum rate and Albuminuria rate on the Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patient), dr. Agung Riyanto Budi Santoso, SpOT (thesis title: The effect of Dynamic External Fixation on the Improvement of Tibia Bone Breakage on Javanese Goat (Andrographis Paniculate), dr. Hendra Mahardhana, SpOT (Improvement of VEGF and VEGFR-2 Expression on the Healing process of Achilles Tendon Rupture through Giving High Dosage of Vitamin C on Experimental Animal (Rattus norvegicus).

In his speech, Director RSU Dr. Saiful Anwar, Dr. dr. Basuki Purnomo, Sp.U advised the doctors to always adhere doctoral ethics and upholding professionalism through accountable and responsible behavior. This is because the patient often becomes the victim on medical problems, although it is accidental. "Medical profession is one of the professions that got many public attention due to the complex nature of job. ", Basuki said. Basuki added that actually,Sthe attention is a sign that the people is not yet satisfied with the work of medical personnels. [nok]


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