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UB Hold UTBK Simulation for Supervisor and PJR

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Simulation of UTBK for Supervisor and Perosn In Charge of The Room
Simulation of UTBK for Supervisor and Perosn In Charge of The Room
The Bureau of Academic and Student Affairs (BAK) in collaboration with the Technical Services Unit for Information and Communication Technology (UPTIIK) UB held a Computer Based Writing Exam (UTBK) simulation in the Computer Lab's Room 4thfloor on  March 19 to 21 2019.

In this simulation, team of UPTIIK provides technical explanations regarding the implementation of UTBK and computer use for supervisor exam and Person In Charge of The Room , such as inputting presence data participant, providing information regarding table numbering, and giving tokens.

Not only that, the participants also simulated UTBK. In the UTBK simulation, each group of Saintek and Soshum exams will be divided in four subtests. While the allocation of processing time for each sub-test is 20 minutes.

Examiners can jump in working a test that still in one subtest and cannot work on the previous subtest.

UTBK in 2019 was organized by the LTMPT. The Higher Education Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT) is the only standard tertiary entrance examination institute in Indonesia. The purpose of this UTBK is to predict prospective students who are able to finish their studies in college well and on time also provide opportunities for prospective students to take the test flexibly in choosing the time and location of the test.

In this case the participant is only allowed to follow the UTBK maximum twice with the provisions as follows one time for Science and Technology Examination Group (Saintek) and one time for Social Sciences group, or twice for Saintek group or twice for  Social Groups.

Schedule UTBK registration on March 1 2019 - April 1 2019, implementation of  UTBK April 13 - May 26, 2019.

The first wave of UTBK was held on March 1 to 24 2019 and the implementation of the second wave of UTBK on May 11 to 26 2019.

UTBK Requirements namely high school / MA / SMK students in grade 12 graduates in 2017,2018, and 2019; have paid UTBK fees of Rp 200,000 through Bank Mandiri, BNI, or BTN.

UTBK consisting of Scholastic Potential Tests (TPS) and Academic Competency Tests (TPA) that correspond to the exam group of each participant.

Science and Technology Examination Group (Saintek) with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Mathematics test material.

Whereas the Humanities Social Sciences (Soshum) group with Mathematics, Geography, History, Sociology, and Economics exam material.

In the implementation of UTBK in one day it will be divided into 2 sessions, namely morning at 08.00 - 11.45 and in the afternoon session at 13.00 - 16.45. The official information of the LTMPT can be accessed via the website:





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