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UB Has a Visit from UNJ

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UNJ does benchmarking to UB
UNJ does benchmarking to UB
Universitas Brawijaya (UB) received a visit from Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) on Monday (11/11). The visit which is for benchmarking consists of two teams, Public Relation and Campus Facility Management.

The visit was welcomed by the Head of Civil Service, Dra. Rosadah Agustin Syarief MAB, the Head of General Affairs, Drs Kadri MM, and the Head of Public Relation, Dra Susantinah Rahayu in Meeting Room, Seventh Floor of Rectorate Building UB.

The Head of Public Relation of UNJ, Widya Parimita, said the purpose of the visit to UB is to study and share about Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of information services in public relation and the management of campus management.

“Currently we are revising the SOP, therefore we want to study the advantages from UB to be applied in UNJ so that SOP making can be easily made to be seen and to be implemented,” said Widya.

As stated by Kadri, in campus management, the Rector of UB always goes directly to the bottom to see campus area to see what is needed to be fixed.

“For example, long ago there were a lot of street vendors in UB, but the Rector tried to manage it by making a permanent are for them to vend and facilited with WIFI so that students would feel comfortable in that place,” explaind Kadri.

Kadri added, the Rector always tries to fulfill what the student needs. “It is expected that students can stay in the campus for a long time, and moreover UB becomes 24 hour campus, and ofcourse it needs security officers,” he added.

To be more specific about the application of SOP, both teams from UNJ saw closely about the work of public relation in Humas Office in First Floor of Rectorate Building and the Office of Infrastructure in Sixth Floor.
In public relation, the team of UNJ studied the structure of organization, manual procedure, and information service system whether printed or online. UB Public Relation is chosen as the object of benchmarking because it becomes the winner of Anugerah Media Humas 2012 for annual working report and it has been certificated with ISO 9001:2008. [irene/translated by agung]

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