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UB Delegates Attend UN Simulation at Oxford University

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Submit by ireneparamita on December 03, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 931

UB delegates participate in UN simulation at Oxford University
UB delegates participate in UN simulation at Oxford University
Five international relations students from Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University are in an event named "Oxford International Model United Nations (OxIMUN) 2018. They are Siti Humairoh, Billy Bintang Saputra, Nabilla Karmelia, Aris Wahyudi and Zenita Nuringtyas Ambarwati. The event was carried out at Oxford University London for three days, Thursday - Sunday (25-28/Oct/2018) and followed by 800 delegates from universities worldwide.

The Head of the delegation Siti Humairoh delivered OxIMUN is a UN simulation conference routinely organized by Oxford University. The delegates or participants will take roles as a diplomat of a country at a certain council.

"In the competition as well as a conference, each delegate is given an issue to discuss in a position paper, namely a writing that contains the direction of the solution that we will give in related to the issue in the council," said the 2014 student.

The following are each country and council represented by delegates: Siti Humairoh represented Vietnam at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Billy Bintang Saputra represented Bolivia at Special Political and Decolonization Committee (PSECPOL), Nabila Karmelia represented Somalia at United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNHCR), Aris Wahyudi represented Saudi Arabia at Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) and Zenita Nuringtyas Ambarwati represented Iran at UN Women.

"At ECOSOC we discuss about Addressing the Global Opiod Crisis. There we provide recommendation on strong educational foundation, a more comprehensive border control, and further research on opiod in the world of health," said the woman who is familiarly called as Umai.

Another case with Billy as SPECPOL delegate. He discussed about Weaponization of Nuclear Waste. From the issue, he recommended to distribute special aid nuclear waste research development, and special budget to reduce the impact of nuclear waste to the victims.

Umay mentioned, the position paper purpose is to test capabilities of deep research, analysis, negotiation, and critical thinking that will be assessed by Board of Dais (BoD) afterwards for each of the delegates.

In addition to OxIMUN, UN Conference simulation also frequently organized in different places in different names. Such as Harvard National MUN (HNMUN), The European International MUN (TEIMUN), and London International MUN (LIMUN). The delegate departure is supported by Brawijaya University, Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University, PT. INKA, PT. Ciomas Adisatwa (JAPFA), United Tractor, PT. PP (Persero) Tbk. [Irene/Humas UB/trans. Denok]








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