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UB Boosts Its Lecturers to Writing Actively

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The event is enlivened with Malangan mask dance
The event is enlivened with Malangan mask dance

"Writing is a talent and a skill, because a talent is a repeated skill," it is a famous quote of Daniel Coyle which was stated by Bambang Trimansyah as a presenter in a National Seminar which was held in Santika Hotel on Wednesday (3/12). The seminar which is entitled "To Transform a Scientific Work into a Book, a Road to the Endless of Science" becomes the important attention for lecturers in Universitas Brawijaya. In fact, UB Press as the organizer has a big expectation to all lecturers in UB to take part in writing books (sciencetific and non- sciencetific).

The Head of Compartment of Litbang Information Training said that scientific studies such as thesis and dissertation can be converted into a book. All of them can be wraped in different languages (informative), comfortable to see, and interesting to red. "In some of foreign countries, there is a policy that every lecturer who teaches had to write a book. If not, that lecturer is not allowed to teach," he said.

It becomes the thought in modern era that Scientific work has a writing in a book and not only done by a person who has talent but also by someone who has good talent in writing, but everyone (especially students) also have the big role in the developing creative scientific writing. "So it is important that all lecturers in Indonesia to open new discourse to write a book which is usefull for the readers. Because by writing, they also get new sight, get science and  stimulate the work of a brain to increase self creativities," he added.

The Rector of UB, Prof Dr Ir Yogi Sugito urges all participants to take active role in writing books
The Rector of UB, Prof Dr Ir Yogi Sugito urges all participants to take active role in writing books
In the opening of that seminar, the Rector Prof Dr Ir Yogi Sugito, invites all participants to to take active role in writing. This is because there is a sustainability (interrelated) between scientific writing and research methodology. In line to the rule of Dirjen Dikti, a lecturer who wants to do certification or  proffering a professor had to write a book or journal. "A research should be realized into a scientific writing, because we know that writing and researching are two related things. There is the active role of a lecturer to be developed, because they also have the responsibility to do research in addition to teach," he said.

Moreover, UB itself had prepared the fund for lecturers who have contributed in making a book. "We will give incentive to lecturers and academic members of UB who can publish a book if it gets away from a reviewer and get an ‘A’ qualification," he said.

UB Press as a publishing media of the university has targeted by the end of 2013 to publish 165 books, in fact it remains unaddressed. "Only 111 books that have entered publishing, whether from lecturers, students, staffs and alumni. Whereas the number of lecturers in UB is 2000 people, but unfortunately there is not more than 5 percent who contributes to write books," said Dr Jazim Hamidi SH, MH as the Head of UB Press.

As the plan, at the beginning of 2014, UB Press also will do a training to write fiction and non-fiction to all faculties with the hope that the percentage of scientific writings in UB can increase from previous year as much as 10 percent. [indra/translated by agung]

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