Tohoku University Has a Visit for Initiation of Collaboration with Faculty of Computer Science

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A visit by Tohoku University for initiation of collaboration
A visit by Tohoku University for initiation of collaboration
Prof. Noriyoshi Tsuchiya as Dean of Graduate School of Environmental Stidies, Tohoku University, Japan had a visit to Faculty of Computer Science Brawijaya University on Friday (21/Dec/2018). The visit, besides undertaken to review doctoral students at Tohoku University Japan who are carrying out their internship at Faculty of Computer Science, also as an initiation of collaboration between faculties.

During the time, between Brawijaya University and Tohoku University there is an educational Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed and agreed altogether. Therefore, each faculty at Brawijaya Univrsity remains to have further agreement for more concrete and detailed collaboration.

In his visit, Prof. Tsuchiya was welcomed properly by Dean of Faculty of Computer Science Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, S.Si., M.T., Ph.D, Heru Nurwarsito, Ir., M.Kom as Vice Dean I on Academic Affairs and Chairman of Geo-informatics research at Faculty of Computer Science Fatwa Ramdani, D.Dc., S.Si., M.Sc. In the meeting was talked about many areas which are allow to have cooperation.

Prof. Tsuchiya offered initial stage of partnership starts from scientific research area. Of which there will be a research collaboration between lecturers at Faculty of Computer Science with professors at Tohoku University. The proses will be undertaken in 2019, of which there is a listing on vary research carried out by lecturers at Faculty of Computer Science which if it intersects with some research of Tohoku University professors. Afterwards, the list of lecturers' research will be promoted to Tohoku University to seek which area is relevant for a joint research. Menwhile, the second stage to promote is in form of student exchange and scholarships which is planned to begin in 2020, after the research collaboration.

Afterwards, the third stage of cooperation is planned to carry out in area of Tohoku University branch office opening at Faculty of Computer Science Brawijaya University. The purpose of branch office opening is to ease vary partnership system between Faculty of Computer Science Brawijaya University and Tohoku University both in research collaboration and scholarship administration as well as Tohoku University admission.

"Prof. Tsuchiya is the Dean at Graduate Program on Environmental Studies. Although the main topic is environmental, but it has integrated approach, Computer Science in particular. He want every environmental approach can be supported by computer science. Such as mechanical engineering, chemistry and physics, the entire need computer science to accomplish environmental issues like energy, global warming and so on," Fatwa said.

One of the current research carried out by Prof. Tsuchiya which intersects with computer science is a research on the most optimal geothermal area location. In the research, artificial intelligent is necessary to manage geospatial data such as panel data, topography, geochemistry and geophysics which are processed to determine where the most optimal geothermal location is. The visit was then ended by inviting Prof. Tsuchiya to go around to visit vary research groups at Faculty of Computer Science.

"He hopes to have a research especially in Eastern Indonesia region, as during the time, the western region have many researched," said Fatwa. [dna/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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