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To Standardize Its Employee, Brawijaya University Held an Over-Status Exam

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Submit by vicky.nurw on June 14, 2017 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1040

Selection process on employee over status
Selection process on employee over status
In order to equal its employee standards, Personnel Division of Brawijaya University held a selection examination for contract-employees over-status. The event conducted on Tuesday (13/Jun/2017) at Samantha Krida Building.

The event followed by 100 participants from various working units of Brawijaya University. They divided into 5 groups based on educational level, including general administration employee in Undergraduate and Diploma, General Administration Employee in Senior High School, laboratory personnel who divided in undergraduate and postgraduate level, driver and security.

The exam, according to Head of Personnel Division, Mulyaningwati, S.Sos, M.AB, was not only for formality. "If anyone does not pass this exam, then his/her status remained to become contract in faculties. In addition to examination, Direct Supervisor's assessment also affects employee's status over. If he/she passes, then we will divert into non Civil Servant Permanent Employee," she explained.

Recent exam participants are unit recruitment based. "There will be a recognition of employment. Afterwards, be expected there will be another recruitment held by each unit. If necessary an additional employee, they could propose to the Rector and so in accordance with Peraturan Rektor Nomor 74 tentang Kepegawaian," she explained. [Vicky/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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