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To Increase the Image, UNY Does Comparative Study to UB

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Public Relations of UB and UNY in a photo session
Public Relations of UB and UNY in a photo session
In order to realize the image of a university to be more positive in  public’s eyes, as many as 17 people which consist of the representatives of university and faculty public relations of State University of Yogyakarta (UNY) visit Universitas Brawijaya (UB) on Friday (14/2) in the Meeting Room, second floor of Rectorate Building. The visit is received by the Head of Public Relations, Dra. Susantinah Rahayu with the Head of the Center of Information, Documentation and Complaints (PIDK), Muji Riyanti SE.

The Head of Internal Division Public Relation UNY, Dr. Anwar Effendi MSi states that the aim to visit UB is to exchange information and learn more about the governance of public relation in UB. "We get a lot of inputs from various parties to do comparative study of public relation in UB. We hear that UB also has a good implementation and public relation organizational structure. Therefore, we want to learn what are the advantages which we can apply in UNY," he said.

UB has a variety of information and complaint handling facilities to public, these facilities are intended to manage each information data that is necessary to them. Public Relation and PIDK are assisted by the center of IT services from Information Techology Assessment and Development (PPTI) to handle these tasks. Starting from the cooperation with various printed media, complaint handling, publication data, to IT facilities as the means to improve UB’s services.
Pranatalia Pratami Nugraheni, as a staff of UB Public Relations explained, the improvement of UB Public Relations can be built effectively if all those three units work hand-to-hand synergistically. "Despite having jobdesk respectively, in developing a credible public relation, we will not be able to move by our own feet, but there must be coordination and cooperation which are aligned with other units," she said.

For example, UB Public Relations has a coordination with PIDK in managing data services and handling complaints which is known as e-complaint. While with PPTI, UB Public Relations is given the flexibility in managing publications for electronic media (especially web content), as well as a variety of information via the official website and social media. Those coordinations are also valid for each faculty or working unit if needed.

"In addition through printed and electronic publication, there are strategic steps to improve the image of UB in international’s eyes. One is Webometrics ranking. Here UB provides flexibility for lecturers, staffs and students to fill out blog content where it has a significant role in Webometrics ranking," she added.

During that meeting, UNY also studied various kinds of public relations organizational structures, starting from manual procedures to information service system in the form of printed or online news. [indra/translated by Denny/Agung]

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