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The Visit of Ministry of Agriculture of Timor Leste to Faculty of Agriculture

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Timor Leste delegates visit Faculty of Agriculture
Timor Leste delegates visit Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Agriculture of Brawijaya University hand-in-hand with Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Democratic Republic of Timor Leste will organize an event "Feasibility Study for Seed Training", for three days (10-12/Aug/2017). Related to it, Firstly held a meeting between Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Democratic Republic of Timor Leste with Faculty of Agriculture of Brawijaya University. On the occasion, Timor Leste delegates led by Director General of Food Crops, Horticulture and Counseling, Dealindo da Silva while the Faculty was led by Dean Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR., MS. Also accompanied the Dean, were Head of the Team Dr.Agr.Sc Hagus Tarno and Secretary of BPPK FP Dr. Setyono Yudo T., MS and Head of Department of Plant Cultivation and Pests and Plant Diseases also Head of Plant Breeding Laboratory Ir. Arifin Noor S., PhD.

In his address, Head of Timor Leste delegates Dealindo da Silva mentioned that Timor Leste with population about 1.2 million ones and the area is no more than 14,000 m2 has agricultural commodity of coffee plants, vanilla and coconut. He expected that the event will able to improve partnerships particularly in other agricultural commodities moreover horticultures, either on types or seed in particular. "Thus not only based on existing commodities," he said.

Meanwhile the Dean mentioned that by the event, partnership which already existed since it was established since 2006 will able to continue and so there are benefits for each party. Moreover it also opens additional opportunities for Faculty of Agriculture to continuously have international partnership with various entities. In addition, also opens opportunities for the Timor Leste government to have partnership in educational issue by inviting its students to study at the faculty either in undergraduate, master or doctoral," he said.

The event was continued with a presentation of several Faculty of Agriculture lecturers on research and the result in front of Timor Leste delegates. In the presentation, the delegates were very enthusiast and amazed with some lecturers' research. The expected that result of the research can be implemented in their country and so there will be partnerships between both entities. [*/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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